The Class of 2022 Commissions at the Rose Hill Chapel

About Army ROTC at Fordham

Yankee Battalion Mission

The Mission of the Yankee Battalion is to attract, educate, and inspire Cadets to provide qualified and committed candidates for Commission in the Total Army.

What our Mission Means...


The Yankee Battalion, as an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Program, conducts outreach to High School Students from across the world, Undergraduate and Graduate Students from our over 40 Partner schools, and Active Duty and Reservist or National Guard Servicemembers to raise awareness of the opportunities that the Army Commission can provide. The Yankee Battalion does this by providing information for High School Counselors, Parents, and Prospective Cadets at College Events, High School Events, and through Social Media. 


The Yankee Battalion's Cadre, led by the Professor of Military Science (PMS), and our final-year Cadets, conducts rigorous training in the Classroom, at weekly Leadership Labs, and at biannual Field Training Exercises. Training centers leadership theory and practice, Operations planning and management, and Military theory and tactics.  


The Yankee Battalion celebrates the legacy of the United States Army and its over 175 years of training on the Campus of Fordham University throughout the year. Whether inducting new members to our Hall of Fame, conducting Staff Rides at battlefields across the Hudson Valley, or highlighting the accomplishments of our thousands of Alumni,  the Yankee Battalion sources inspiration for our Cadets to adapt to and overcome the obstacles in their lives.  


Every May, at the culmination of their training and evaluation at the Yankee Battalion, Cadets accept the privilege of a Commission in the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant. As Commissioned Officers, they go on to serve as the leaders of our nation's Army. There are many ways that Officers serve, including as leaders on the frontline, logisticians overseeing global shipments, and administrators implementing multibillion-dollar projects.

The Total Army

The Army is not just Active Duty, where the Army is a full-time career, but also includes the United States Army Reserve and the Army National Guard. Officers in the Reserves and National Guard serve part-time (typically one weekend a month and two weeks a year) in units located across the United States. The Yankee Battalion regularly works with our Reservist and Guardsmen partners during our exercises and training.