Army ROTC Information for Parents and Counselors

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about our program.  Army ROTC is one of the many options for students to pursue that can lead to a successful career with lots of opportunities.  Some things you may not know about ROTC:

  • Army ROTC is a pre-professional program that you do while you are simultaneously pursuing your college degree
  • Our instructors provide written development  plans for our students to ensure they are on track for graduation
  • Mentorship and leadership development is built into all of our training programs
  • The High School Scholarship Program can pay for 100% tuition and fees, provide stipend, and book money  
  • Some of our graduates serve in the Army Reserve or National Guard (part-time) after college
  • We have programs to help our graduates find job openings with 39 Fortune 500 companies through the PaYS program

ROTC Stories

Learn from people who have chosen the ROTC path or have children who have elected to serve.  Hear about how the military benefited them and helped them find service, fulfillment, and success.