Army ROTC Information for College Students


Army ROTC group photo

If you are a college student, you must have at least two full academic years of school remaining to enroll in ROTC.  If you have three or four years of school remaining you may have more opportunities.  If you have less than a year remaining in college you may be interested in Officers' Candidate School (OCS).  Before contacting us you should:

  • Check to see if your college/university is affiliated with Fordham Army ROTC
  • Be familiar with the program information on the website
  • Know your projected month and year of graduation


While there are no guarantees, you may have the chance to compete for  a "Campus-Based Scholarship."  You must meet eligibility, be competitive, and have good performance in ROTC. If scholarships are available all eligible students are automatically considered so it is not necessary to specify that you are interested in a "Campus-Based Scholarship."