Army ROTC is a pre-professional training program that you can take while pursuing your college degree as a full-time student. If you join, you would exercise with us three times a week and attend an ROTC lab and class once a week.

You may decide that you enjoy the leadership challenge, want to officially pursue a career in the Army as a leader, and compete for a “contract.” Contracts are awarded based on your physical fitness, academic standing, and performance in ROTC. You will develop your leadership skills, confidence, fitness, and professionalism in our program.

If you contract, complete our program, and finish your degree, you could be commissioned as an Army Lieutenant in the Active Duty Army. Active duty means that you would be living and working in a full-time Army environment. You could also serve in the Army Reserve or National Guard where you would serve one weekend per month and two weeks in the summer.

Color Guard Requests
Requests for Color Guard should be sent to [email protected].