Guide to the USACC 104-R

The United States Army Cadet Command (USACC) Form 104-R is Cadet Command's Planned Academic Program Worksheet. It is Cadet Command's and Yankee Battalion's way of tracking Cadets' academic progress throughout their academic Tenure. It acts as a "check-in" to ensure Cadets are on track to graduate. It is a requirement for all contracted cadets to provide one every semester and is a requirement for cadets who with to contract/receive a scholarship. 

1. Cadets on Their Own:

  • Receive your grades from the previous semester
  • Complete Blocks 1-9 on the 104-R, Common issues include:
    • Block 4a: If you attend Fordham, place an X in Host. If you attend another school, place an X in Cross-Enrolled.
    • Block 4b: If you are Cross-Enrolled, put Fordham University here. 
    • Block 4c: Fordham University's FICE is 002722.
    • Block 5: Leave the drop-down on Semester.
    • Block 6: Start from your first term and work your way to the present
    • Block 7: Update and project your courses to the best of your knowledge. This document will be updated every semester and is "living" meaning it can change with your major and academic priorities. 
    • Block 7, Term: only place your semester (FALL or SPRING) and your academic school year (FRESHMAN, SOPHMORE, JUNIOR, SENIOR.)
    • Block 7, No.: The Course Number box is for Course Numbers (ex. MS101), not the CRN number (ex. 90790)
    • Block 7: Make sure you fill out a block for every semester you have attended while enrolled in ROTC. 
    • Block 9: Place an X in "Yes", indicate what degree you should receive (ex. BS in Underwater Basketweaving), and your anticipated graduation date (MMM, YYYY)
  • Schedule a date to meet with your academic advisor
    • Yankee Battalion Cadre will distribute a "No Later Than" or "NLT" date for when USACC 104-Rs need to be submitted to Cadre. Schedule your appointment well before then. 
  • Show up to your appointment with your academic advisor

2. Cadets and Their Academic Advisors

  • Review the information in Blocks 1-9 for accuracy. 
  • Cadets Sign Block 10 and date Block 11
  • Academic Advisors Sign Block 12 and date Block 13
  • Cadets leave the meeting with a signed copy of the USACC 104-R

3. Cadets on their own

  • Fill out the information on Page 3 of the USACC 104-R (Statement of Understanding)
  • Sign the Statement of Understanding 
  • Submit their 104-R by emailing them to Mr. Roach at [email protected] 


Cadets who have questions about the USACC 104-R Process should first ask their Cadet Chain of command for clarification, then their respective Assistant professor of Military Science. If neither of those Leaders is responsive, they should refer all questions to Mr. Collin Roach at: [email protected]. Academic Advisors can reach out to Mr. Roach directly.