Army ROTC Enrollment

The enrollment process varies slightly depending on whether you are a high school scholarship applicant, college student, graduate student, veteran, or active duty soldier. Ensure you know which role you are applying in and that you know your month and year of graduation from college. This is how the enrollment path generally flows for most students. Enrollment means you are taking the Army ROTC class as an elective. Competing for contract and scholarship is a separate process which occurs for most after enrollment.


  • You should research Fordham ROTC and the Army ROTC program online, attend an ROTC information session, and ask questions before deciding to enroll.
  • You should verify that you attend a school that is affiliated with the ROTC program by checking the participating schools list.


  • You will need to know your projected date of graduation from your college.
  • You should know the classes by course catalog number that you will need to take in order to graduate college. To do this you need to consult with your school or their website.


  • You will email the Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) expressing your interest in enrolling.
  • The ROO will send you an enrollment application. You will need to follow the directions carefully.
  • If your forms are not completed correctly, your process may be delayed and you may miss out on some opportunities.


  • Your enrollment packet will be reviewed by the staff. You will meet with someone who will review your status.
  • If you complete everything correctly, you will be enrolled, and given a class/training schedule.
  • If you have errors, your paperwork will be returned to you for corrections.


  • Enrollment typically starts a month before a semester begins.
  • Once the drop/add date has passed, new students are typically not enrolled until the next semester.