Matthew Hockenberry


[email protected]

Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 430



  • PhD in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University

  • Matthew Hockenberry is a media historian and theorist examining the media of global production. His current work develops a media history of logistics, exploring critical developments in the epistemology of assembly by tracing how new forms of knowledge shaped the emergence of logistical production and distribution. He is particularly concerned with the transitional moments of mediation found in histories of paperwork, telecommunication, and computation, and his broader research interests include media history, media industries, logistics, infrastructure, and mobile media.

  • Assembly Codes: The Logistics of Media (Durham: Duke University Press, 2021).

    “Techniques of Assembly: Logistical Media and the (Supply) Chaîne Opératoire,” Amodern 9: Techniques and Technologies (Spring 2020).

    “Telephone, Color Chart, Napkin: Logistical Legacies of the Bauhaus,” in Bauhaus Futures (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2019),  273-285.

    “On the Performance of Playback for Dead Media Devices,” in Hands On Media History: A New Methodology in the Humanities and Social Sciences (London: Routledge, 2019), 110-125.

    “The Place of All Things: Shenzhen, Alibaba, and the Oriental Bazaar,” Lo Squaderno: Explorations in Space & Society 51 (Spring 2019): 49-53.

    “Material Epistemologies of the (Mobile) Telephone,” Anthropological Quarterly 91, no. 2 (Spring 2018): 485-524.

  • Introduction to Media Industries
    International Communication
    Mass Communication and Society