Academic Wellbeing

Learn, Laugh and Love at FCRH!

We are here for you at FCRH to support your academic wellbeing in holistic ways. You fill our campus with laughter and love and we are dedicated to giving you the same experience. Below we are so happy to share links to our campus partners as well as resources we have developed for you.

Academic Resources & Support

  • The FCRH Dean's Office offers proactive academic coaching services to students who would like to improve their organizational skills and course performance. Students may also be referred for these services when the Dean's Office is alerted by an instructor to a student's repeated class absences or poor academic performance. We help students:

    • Organize a calendar/academic planner

    • Practice workable and efficient study and reading strategies

    • Bolster executive functioning skills and academic motivation
    • Utilize the appropriate University/College resources to assist them with personal, psychological and financial issues

    • Understand their progress in a course in a complete and constructive way

    • Avoid further class absences

    The Dean's Office strongly encourages students of all class years and majors who are experiencing academic difficulty, or are interested in strategies to bolster their academic skills to discuss this with their advisor or class dean. They will offer guidance or refer you for additional assistance from one of our academic coaching team members.

  • Students in all courses at FCRH or FCLC can receive free tutoring on Knack. Knack Tutoring allows Fordham students to:

    • Connect with trained Fordham peer tutors for live tutoring sessions either in person or online.

    • Have sessions in an online environment with video, audio, and a shared, virtual whiteboard.

    • Ask questions for feedback or guidance related to learning strategies, in addition to course content.

    How to Access Knack Tutoring:

    • You can access Knack Tutoring at

    • Enter your Fordham credentials to be taken into the platform.

    • Submit a tutoring request for any of the supported courses and all tutors for that course will be notified and encouraged to respond to your request. Please note that requests with a short turnaround time might not be accommodated.

    • Chat with any responding tutors to see who has the best availability for your schedule.

    • Select a tutor who you connect with and who can meet at a time you’re available.

    • To connect with a specific tutor, feel free to search for their name and request them directly.

    • Option to invite other students for a group tutoring session so students can collaborate with classmates

    • User Support via live chat or email (this is especially helpful for any technical issues you may encounter)

    • 24/7 access to the Knack Help Center

    • Informational Knack Video for Students

Contact Us!

We always love hearing from you! Please contact us here if you have any questions or suggestions. You are so welcome to stop by Dean Annunziato's office in Keating 207 (there is always candy there!) or contact her via email at [email protected] too.