Michael J. Inserra

Michael inserra

Michael Inserra is a respected business leader, operating executive, strategic advisor, and change agent with over 37 years of experience building, scaling, and leading global multibillion-dollar businesses through periods of unparalleled disruption and change.

Inserra served in numerous senior leadership roles at Ernst & Young LLP (EY), a leading global professional services organization in the financial services industry. He has a proven track record of profitability and growing businesses while fostering cultures of stewardship, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

As senior vice chair and deputy managing partner of EY Americas, Inserra oversaw the markets and growth agenda, and managed day-to-day operations and strategy execution for the EY Americas business, spanning 80,000 professionals, generating over $17 billion in annual revenues across the Americas. He served as a member of EY US and EY Americas executive boards and led the firm through a purpose-driven, innovation-fueled organizational transformation, resulting in $5 billion in revenue growth during the past five years. He was front and center with the firm’s CEO in managing the firm through the COVID crisis in 2020.

During the early days of his tenure, Inserra architected and led the firm’s transformation program to harmonize business functions (through alternative business models and technology), which resulted in an annual $400 million cost reduction that was invested back into the business. This cost reduction has been a crucial element of EY’s business pivot to align with shifting consumer demands and elevate EY as a “workforce of the future” market leader. He also has published pieces and has spoken publicly on the criticality of accelerating agile business transformation using innovation.

Inserra also was responsible for overseeing the successful launch of Unidos, the merger of EY Mexico and EY Colombia, and the first formal integration of countries within Latin America, creating the playbook to facilitate additional mergers.

He also served as executive sponsor for EY’s Global Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee.

Inserra’s previous firm leadership roles included serving as vice chair and regional managing partner of the EY Financial Services Organization (FSO).

Previously, he spent several years as chief administrative officer of Moore Capital Management, a global investment management firm, serving as a member of the board of directors and helping the firm navigate the financial crisis. His responsibilities included overseeing capital raising and distribution, as well as regulatory and policy matters.

Inserra is a member of the board of Brighthouse Finance Insurance Company. He also serves as a senior advisor to private equity firms and as an advisor to sell-side entities on Capital transactions and liquidity events. In addition, he is a member of the Fordham University Gabelli School Advisory Board.