James A.F. Stoner

Business faculty - James Stoner

Emeritus Professor
Leading People and Organizations

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  • James A.F. Stoner is an emeritus professor in the leading people and organizations area at the Gabelli School of Business and holder of Fordham's James A.F. Stoner Chair in Global Quality Leadership.

    Professor Stoner has accumulated many academic laurels. He was named a profesor honorario by the Universidad Catolica Santo Domingo, a distinque profesor by the AsosiaciĆ³n Dominica de Profesionales en AdministraciĆ³n, and an honorific visiting professor at the Universidad de Ricardo Palma in Lima, Peru. Here at Fordham, he is a past recipient of the Gladys and Henry Crown Award for Faculty Excellence at the graduate level. He also earned a citation from the Academy of Management for best paper in management education.

    Before beginning his academic career, Professor Stoner was a project-development officer for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the government of Tanganyika, now called Tanzania. He holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. from Antioch College.

    • Ph.D.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Master's: M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Bachelor's: B.S., Antioch College
    • Leading and Managing for Global Sustainability Designing and Creating For-Profit Enterprises that Contribute to Global Sustainability Management, Spirituality, and Organizational Excellence Creating Excellent Teams Ontological Inquiry, Excellence, and Personal and Organizational Transformation
    • J.A.F. Stoner (and Werner, F.M.), Fundamentals of Financial Managing. Corvallis, OR: Authors Academic Publishing, 2002.
    • J.A.F. Stoner (and Werner, F.M.), Modern Financial Managing. Corvallis, OR: Authors Academic Publishing, 2001.