John A. Fortunato

John Fortunato

Communications and Media Management
Joined Fordham: 2007

General Information:
140 W. 62nd Street, Room 304,
New York, NY 10023

Email: [email protected]

  • John A. Fortunato is a professor of communications and media management at the Gabelli School of Business. Before coming to Fordham, he was a professor in the advertising and public relations department at the University of Texas at Austin and also taught at St. Peter's College. He earned his Ph.D. in 1999 from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

    Professor Fortunato is the author of six books: Miracle of Effort: Thalia’s Autism Journey; Making the Cut:  Life Inside the PGA Tour System; Sponsorship: Principles and Practices, Commissioner, The Legacy of Pete RozelleMaking Media: The Influence of Constituency Groups on Mass Media Content; and The Ultimate Assist: The Relationship and Broadcast Strategies of the National Basketball Association and Television Network

    Dr. Fortunato worked for NBC Sports during the 1992 and 1996 Summer Olympic Games and was a play-by-play radio announcer for St. Peter's College basketball.

    • Ph.D.: Rutgers University
    • Master's: William Paterson University
    • Bachelor's: William Paterson University
    • Sports Media and Promotional Communication
    • Advertising and Sponsorship
    • Public Relations
    • Broadcasting
    • Crisis Communication
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