2019 Women's Philanthropy Summit Panels and Workshops

Women talking on a panel at the women's philanthropy summit


A View From the Top: Reflections on Success and Coaching the Next Generation of Women Leaders
Success should be shared. Fordham women will discuss how they have navigated both professional and personal obstacles to break into the upper echelons of their industries.

The Life Cycle of Philanthropy: Planning and Gifting Vehicles for Charitable Giving
By 2020, women are expected to control $22 trillion—or two-thirds—of personal wealth in the United States, according to MarketWatch. Panelists will discuss strategies for budgeting philanthropy across various stages of personal and professional development.

Values-Based Leadership: How Jesuit Education Enriches Leadership Styles
How does being “a woman for others” translate into life and work? Panelists share how their Jesuit education has informed the culture of civility, care, and mentoring they have fostered in their personal and professional lives.


Guide Your Career (Not the Other Way Around)
Whether you’re just starting out, preparing for a promotion, or changing career paths, learn how to develop and leverage your personal brand to meet your professional goals. Discover how to take a flexible, proactive approach to your career while staying true to your values in today’s ever-changing world.

Imposter Syndrome: Embrace (Don’t Erase) Your Accomplishments
Break the imposter cycle and learn to be proud of what you’ve achieved. Take a deep dive into the history of this phenomenon, discover how to recognize symptoms, and start embracing your success.