Toby Tetenbaum

Toby Tetenbaum

Toby Tetenbaum, Ph.D.

Toby Tetenbaum is a licensed psychologist who has taught at the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University for more than 40 years, primarily in the educational leadership doctoral program. She also designed, implemented, and ran a human resource master’s program for 20 years, which focused on learning and development.

Toby has also taught at the University of Southern California, in their Human Technology program, as well as at the business schools at the University of Connecticut and Sacred Heart University.

In addition to teaching, she has been a trainer for 12 years at Crotonville, GE’s corporate leadership campus, rated No. 1 in the world among corporate universities. She has also been a trainer for the United Nations Staff College and for many companies, including Allergan, Condé Nast, DuPont, Exxon, Forbes, Hershey, JPMorgan Chase, and Sun Microsystems. She has coached executives, worked on integration of company cultures following acquisitions, conducted program evaluations, and developed talent management programs for many organizations. She designed and implemented an innovative and impactful diversity strategy for Exxon, and she created system-wide gender mainstreaming for the United Nations.

She has published extensively in professional journals. She is also the co-author of The Value Creating Consultant. Her research and practice are primarily focused on leadership and corporate culture.