Life Events

How Life Events Affect Your Benefits

Eligible dependents may only be added to your coverage or removed from your coverage during the annual Open Enrollment period unless you experience a Life Event. You may also add or remove coverage for yourself as the result of certain life events.

What is a Life Event?

Life events which may affect your benefits are:

  • marriage or domestic partnership
  • birth or adoption
  • divorce
  • death of a dependent
  • employee gains coverage elsewhere
  • employee loses coverage elsewhere
  • dependent gains coverage elsewhere
  • dependent loses coverage elsewhere

When you have a life event, you have 30 days from the date of the event to make any changes to your benefits. If you don’t declare the life event within 30 days, you will not have the opportunity to make any changes to your benefits, such as adding a new spouse or newborn child, until the next Open Enrollment.

For example, if you get married on January 1, you have until January 30 to add your spouse to your benefits or to waive your benefits if you become covered by your new spouse.

Please note that if you upload documents in Benefitexpress to prove a Life Event, but don’t go through each benefit to add coverage or remove coverage for a dependent or yourself, no changes will be made to your benefits. If you are adding coverage for a new dependent, for each benefit, click on the name of the dependent to add them to your coverage.


You must complete the entire enrollment process and see those changes reflected on your Confirmation Statement, which you can print or email to yourself. You can view your Confirmation Statements at any time on the Benefitexpress homepage.


How to Declare a Life Event

To declare a life event, log into your Benefitexpress Account.


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