Meet Our HR Team

Executive Team

Kay Turner, Esq.

Kay Turner, Esq.
Vice President for HR

Kamal Joshi

Kamal Joshi, SHRM-SCP
Associate Vice President of HR

A head shot of Nancy Hark

Nancy Hark, Esq.
Assistant Vice President of HR

Organizational and Leadership Development

Email: [email protected]

Corbin Wong, Ph.D

Corbin Wong, Ph.D
Director of Organizational and Leadership Development


HR Strategy and Operations

Email: [email protected]

Stacey Vasquez, SHRM-SCP
Director of HR Strategy and Operations



Talent Management Team

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Deborah Adwokat

Deborah Adwokat, SHRM-SCP
Senior Manager of Talent Management

Mary Nolan
HR Business Partner

Joanna Garcia

Joanna Garcia
Employment Coordinator

Priya Vijayaragavan, PHR
Talent Acquisition Specialist



Benefits Team

Email: [email protected]

Eileen Busby
Senior Benefits Manager

Jeanne Molloy

Jeanne Molloy, SHRM-CP
Wellness Manager

Xio de Leon standing in front of a fountain

Xiomara de Leon, SHRM-CP
Benefits Administrator

Tekia James
Leave and Benefits Administrator


Email: [email protected]

Damarie Cardona-Reilly

Damarie Cardona-Reilly, SHRM-SCP
Senior Director of HRIS and Compensation

Alecia Gonzalez-Hulse, SHRM-CP
Assistant HRIS Manager

Maria Carrasco

Maria Carrasco
HRIS Compensation Analyst I

Sylvia Chen
Assistant HRIS Director for Data, Technology and Analytics

Jonathan Goode
HRIS Assistant

Emiliano Cardoza
HRIS Assistant

Employee and Labor Relations Team

Email: [email protected]

Gülay SiouziosGülay Siouzios

Gülay Siouzios, SHRM-SCP
Director of Employee and Labor Relations

Daniel Wexler, SHRM-CP
Labor/Employee Relations Associate

Cristina Cruz-Calderon, Esq.
Labor and Employee Relations Specialist