Current and Upcoming Classes

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Whether you are looking to find a class to enroll in or looking for required workshop trainings to complete, we have you covered! On this page, you will find information and links to Fordham's Sexual Harassment Prevention trainings, the Diversity and Inclusion workshops, and the new Learning Management System. 

The Sexual Harassment Prevention training is required for all Fordham employees so if you have not completed it yet we recommend completing that training first to reach compliance. You can find more information as well as a link to the trainings below. 

Browse the tabs below to learn more about these workshops and trainings, and discover Fordham's new Learning Management System where you can register for upcoming classes.


  • About the LMS:

    This year the Office of Human Resources Management at Fordham is offering a Learning Management System (LMS) to assist employees in handling all aspects of their professional learning journey. The LMS portal provides you the tools to customize your learning experience so you can reach your career goals in ways that work best for you. 

    Through the LMS portal, you can:

    • Search through a course catalog;
    • Register for workshops;
    • Keep track of your courses and credits;
    • Earn badges; and 
    • Download transcripts.

    To access Fordham's new Learning Management System, click HERE.

  • Coming Soon in Spring 2024!

    • New Year, New You: Goal Setting with Adaptability
      • Description: This dynamic and interactive session is designed to guide participants in unlocking their full potential, setting meaningful goals, and creating a roadmap for achievement. During this workshop, participants will delve into the art and science of goal setting, learning proven techniques to set realistic, attainable, and inspiring objectives. 
    • Promote Yourself: The Power of Writing a Self-Evaluation
      • Description: Tailored for employees seeking to master the art of self-assessment, this session provides practical guidance on creating compelling and impactful self evaluations. In this workshop, participants will explore strategies for capturing accomplishments, demonstrating growth, and effectively communicating their contributions within a self-evaluation framework.
    • Writing a Performance Appraisal That Inspires Growth
      • Description: If you’re looking for tips to write effective performance reviews that motivate employees to reach their highest potential, look no further. In this workshop, learn how to write performance reviews that inspire meaningful growth.
    • Delivering an Effective Performance Conversation
      • Description: This specialized session is designed to empower managers, team leaders, and professionals with the skills and confidence needed to engage in constructive, motivating, and results-oriented discussions about performance.
    • Beyond the Appraisal: Navigating the Aftermath of the Performance Appraisal Process
      • Description: In this workshop, participants will delve into strategies for leveraging appraisal feedback, setting actionable goals, and fostering a positive post-appraisal environment.
    • Change Management 101
      • Description: This insightful and practical session is designed for professionals at all levels who seek to understand, adapt to, and effectively manage change within their work environments.


  • The NYC Human Rights Law protects all individuals against discrimination based on gender, which includes sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is unwelcome verbal or physical behavior based on a person's gender and can include:

    • Unwanted touching,
    • Offensive and suggestive gestures or comments,
    • Asking about a person's sex life or making sexualized remarks about a person's appearance,
    • Sexualizing the work environment with imagery or other items, or
    • Telling sexual jokes. 

    Fordham does not tolerate any instance of sexual harassment, and this training is mandatory for all Fordham employees. For more information on Fordham's policy against Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation in Employment, click HERE.

    To complete the Mandatory Preventing Harassment and Discrimination workshop, click HERE.

    Instructions for New Employees:
    Select the "Staff Login" button to sign in.  Please use your Fordham SSO credentials to log into the platform.
    Click the "Extra Training" tab and navigate to the "Campus Prevention Network".
    Once you are there, click on the appropriate sexual harassment prevention training (Clery Act and Title IX) for your role, as there is a supervisor and non-supervisor module.

    Note: Please complete this training within 30 days of starting at Fordham.

    Instructions for Current Employees:

    Select the "Staff Login" button to sign in.  Please use your Fordham SSO credentials to log into the platform.
    Click the "My Assignments" tab.
    Once you are there, click on the "Preventing Harassment and Discrimination: Gateway" course.

    Note: Please complete this training by December 31, 2023.



  • This course highlights the importance of a respectful workplace and understanding of the barriers that prevent full participation. While it is not mandatory, Fordham strongly encourages all employees to complete this module.

    Completing this training is a step towards adopting inclusive workplace practices, learning about Fordham's diversity and inclusion expectations, and maintaining a respectful and inclusive workplace.

    To complete the Foundational Diversity and Inclusion Module: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace workshop, click HERE.