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Undergraduate Research Spotlight

Spring 2020

Brett Musialowicz Spotlight

Where Are They Now? Inspiration From Our Undergraduate Research Community

In the days that followed the need to transition FCRH online for the semester, we felt great pain over the loss of this spring's undergraduate research events. Out of the darkness though came so much light from our undergraduate research community. We have heard from many students, past and present, expressing how committed they are to their projects and our program. We are grateful and humbled. This spring, we planned to spotlight a wonderful alumni, Brett Musialowicz (Class of 2019) who is now attending medical school at Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) University. Brett was a total rock star in the Chemistry Department and we miss him dearly. He reports that medical school has been changed due to COVID-19 as they too have no in-person instruction for the duration of the semester, including any clinical learning, and all classes have become podcasts. Yet he is looking towards the future. We were so excited to hear that he was offered a research position at RWJ Hospital in the Emergency Medicine Department. In his words, the researching spirit continues on long after Fordham! Brett also shared a few thoughts for our senior researchers:

The knowledge and skills they have developed will follow them to the next big beautiful challenge in life and they will succeed! It feels like everything was taken from them, but what they will realize very quickly after school is that there is so much more offered in this world. The adventures are endless.

We are overjoyed to celebrate Brett and his many peers from past, present and yet to come. No matter what the obstacles, they will thrive and shape the world with their discoveries. Thank you for inspiring us.

The Scope and Impact of Undergraduate Research

Each month, Fordham College at Rose Hill is proud to share highlights from our thriving undergraduate research program. Our students are actively involved in faculty-mentored research across disciplines, participating in a range of activities including utilizing state of the art equipment in our labs, meeting with patients in medical settings, spending time in the community interviewing and surveying members to achieve a greater understanding of historical and contemporary questions, reviewing source data in New York City and even around the world, as well as collecting specimens in the field for our many projects based in environmental settings. Excitingly, our students' contributions have considerable impact in their respective fields and to their professional development.