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CMS Graduate Faculty

Beth Knobel
Director of Graduate Studies
Journalism and Public Policy

Robin Andersen
Media, Public Persuasion and Social Policy; Strategic Communication; Environment and the Media

Amy Aronson
Chair of CMS Department, Associate Professor
Journalism; Women’s Magazines; New Media and Digital Journalism

Jessica Baldwin-Philippi
Assistant Professor
Civic Media, Political Communication, Science and Technology Studies, Strategic Communication

Samarth Bhaskar
Editor; Digital Transition, New York Times

George Bodarky
News Director, WFUV

Garrett Broad
Assistant Professor
Food justice, animal rights, and community-based organizing

Gregory T. Donovan
Assistant Professor
Digital Media and Social Responsibility; Urban Studies and Sociology

Daniel Greenberg
Chief Digital Officer, WNET

Arthur Hayes
Associate Professor
Media Law and Policy, Media Ethics

Catherine Katsafourous
Artist-in-Residence, Communication & Media Studies

Mathias Klang
Digital Activism and Technology; Social Media and Civil Rights

Paul Levinson
New Media and Politics

Tom McCourt
Associate Professor
Public Media, Popular Culture, Electronic Media

Margaret Schwartz
Assistant Professor
Women, Race and Media

Dana Schweer
Senior Executive; Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Impact, Finn Partners

Robin Shannon
Assistant News and Public Affairs Director; Morning News Anchor, WFUV

Lance Strate 
Media Ecology; New Technologies and Digital Media

Chris Vicari 
Educational Technologist 
Multimedia Practitioner; Web Design

Julianne Welby
Senior Editor, WNYC News