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Awards and Honor Societies

Group of student reacting to experiment - SMStudents at Fordham College at Lincoln Center who excel within our rigorous curriculum are recognized for their performance throughout their academic career. These awards and recognitions include The Dean’s List, graduation honors, and various graduation awards.

Qualifying students may receive the following academic honors at Fordham College at Lincoln Center:

Dean's List

  • The Dean's List is announced at the beginning of each fall semester.
  • Awards are presented at a formal ceremony followed by a reception.

Details of criteria for the Dean's list are given in the Bulletin.                 

Graduation Honors 

Graduates are awarded the following honors if they attain the requisite cumulative grade point average: 

  • cum laude - 3.600 average
  • magna cum laude - 3.700 average
  • summa cum laude - 3.800 average

Prestigious Fellowship Awards

Students interested in applying for prestigious fellowships for graduate study, international study, and service are encouraged to contact an advisor in the Office of Prestigious Fellowships.