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Quotes from Recent Graduates

Photo of recent alumnus Michael Singer

2020 graduate, Michael Singer.

“As a double major in Natural Science and Theology, I was able to study a broad range of subjects at Fordham College Lincoln Center without ever sacrificing rigorous academic depth. In my biology lectures and lab work, I learned from scientific experts about topics ranging from the vast ecosystem of New York’s waterways to medical breakthroughs hidden in the DNA of minuscule fruit flies. At the same time, my theology professors taught me how to frame life’s central questions, questions that are essential to situating the role of scientific progress in the world today. When I decided to explore the world of cancer research after graduation, I could have never imagined I would begin my career as a researcher at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the midst of a global health crisis. I know, however, that I am putting the lessons I learned at Fordham University into practice each day at work. Fordham taught me how to be a student of science as well as a person for and with others. My education and my life’s course have shown me the two are inextricably linked.” -Michael Singer, Albany, CA, FCLC '20, Alumni Chair Award winner

Jonathan Alegria, 2020 Graduate

Jonathan Alegria, 2020 Graduate

"I studied the history and politics of the Middle East as an International Studies major and completed Spanish and Modern Hebrew for my language requirements. Deep conversations with my professors and hours of research at Fordham have taught me that the most important skill I learned, and continue to learn, is the ability to think critically and question the obvious. By doing so, I hope to understand the complexities of the cultures and traditions that guide ways of life outside the United States as a Foreign Service Officer. My experiences as an elected student government senator, as a student member serving on the FCLC College Council (a governing board composed of faculty and deans) and as a resident advisor in the residence hall, instilled in me a passion to understand the perspectives of different voices in my community and act as a leader who promotes commonality amongst differences. In my senior year, I was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach English in Israel." -Jonathan Alegria, Ridgefield, NJ, FCLC ’20

Photo of recent alumnus Julia Britto.

2020 graduate, Julia Britto

“There are certain qualities Fordham instills in each of its students, that we will carry with us far beyond our college years: curiosity, drive, critical thinking, and compassion. At Fordham, you learn beyond the textbook. You are encouraged to surpass your own expectations while developing a deepened sense of self and well-roundedness. It is not uncommon for students to discover new loves and passions, or perhaps new channels for expanding upon previous interests, during the course of their studies––I, for example, came into Fordham intent upon a career in international law, only to later realize my true passion lay specifically in human rights. I had the chance to pursue this interest further through the Humanitarian Studies program, through which I was granted the additional opportunity to pursue an Accelerated Master of Science in Humanitarian Studies. Graduating with two degrees in five years was never my expectation, and the hands-on education and guidance I’ve received in this program is what will give me the tools to have an impact as a humanitarian and human rights defender, hopefully carrying out the Fordham standard of cura personalis to the fullest.” -Julia Britto, Greensboro, NC, FCLC ’20, GSAS ‘21

Photo of recent alumnus Alexandria Berti

2019 graduate, Alexandria Berti

“I credit my adaptability and creativity in pursuit of my goals to Fordham University and Alvin Ailey program. As a BFA Dance major, I performed with the Ailey Fordham Student Dancers (AFSD) company, as well as other professional companies. I was able to learn from world renowned choreographers and teachers. The program's broad and diverse dance education in many styles allowed me to become well rounded and that led to many opportunities. Before graduation, I was cast in an Off-Broadway show, was a lead in a full-length feature film, and had worked on many professional film and tv sets. I now have a recurring role as an agent on a network television show while completing my Master's degree from Johns Hopkins University. As an alumna, I have returned to Fordham as a panelist on career panels for the arts, sharing my experiences with current students and alumni. Fordham was my campus, and the sky is the limit!” -Alexandra Berti, Smithtown, NY, FCLC '19

Photo of recent graduate, Marisol Duarte

2017 graduate, Marisol Duarte

"Fordham University not only became a second home to me because of the positive and radiant people I met, but also opened various doors due to its extensive courses and prime location in the heart of New York City. I majored in Communications, with minors in Spanish Literature and Fashion Studies, while also interning at national magazines, media firms, and writing reviews for Broadway shows. These experiences kick-started my career in media. Through the Fordham Career Services Office I interviewed with the global media firm, Univision, which excited me as a first-generation Latinx who watched their networks for years. I landed an internship at Univision as their digital marketing intern which led to a full-time offer as their digital account coordinator, and soon after, a promotion to my current role as their associate marketing manager All of this has been made possible through the guidance and experience I received from my time at FCLC. It was an honor to serve recently on an alumni career panel for current Fordham students."-Marisol Duarte, Brooklyn, NY, FCLC '17