Academic Advising for FCLC Students

The Advising Program

Student speaking with a professor.

The First Year

  • The primary goal of the first-year advising program is to welcome the student into the academic and intellectual community.
  • First-year students are assigned specially trained faculty advisers and are required to meet with them at least twice each semester.
  • Individual sessions are scheduled early to ensure a successful beginning at Fordham
  • During the pre-registration period, students meet their advisers again to review mid-term grades and discuss plans for subsequent semesters.
  • In the second semester, the student and adviser review the first-semester experience and begin to focus on future academic goals.

The Upper Class Years

  • By February of sophomore year, students declare a major are assigned a professor from that department to serve as their faculty adviser.
  • Each student meets at least once a semester with a faculty adviser to plan courses for the next semester, discuss issues in the current and past semesters, and to plan for the future, including jobs and graduate school.
  • Students are also advised by their class deans throughout their four years.

See the Internal Transfer Process for FCLC Students.