Administrative Opportunities

  Position Title Position No. Department Date Posted
  Scholarly Communication and Distance Learning Librarian A03070 Quinn Library, Lincoln Center 09.20.17
  Assistant Director of Student Financial Services A03755 Office of Student Financial Services, Rose Hill 09.20.17
  Resource Associate A02605 Law School, Lincoln Center 09.19.17
  Director, Law Help Desk & Support Services A03305 Information Systems & Planning, Law School, Lincoln Center 09.19.17
  Director of Marketing and Communications A01155 Graduate School of Education 09.19.17
  Electronic Resources Librarian A03150 Walsh Library, Rose Hill 09.11.17
  Associate Director of Admissions/Graduate Enrollment Services A01945 Graduate School of Education 09.08.17
  Associate Director A07700 Orthodox Christian Studies Center 09.08.17
  Employer Relations Specialist (grant-funded) A06990 Career Services, Lincoln Center 09.06.17
  Senior Associate Director A05915 Career Services, Rose Hill 09.06.17
  Post-Doctoral Research Associate (grant funded) TBD Biological Sciences 09.06.17
  Assistant Athletic Trainer A06750 Athletics, Rose Hill 09.06.17
  Director of Online Learning A07960 Graduate School of Education 09.05.17
  Program Associate - Non Profit Leadership A07210 Graduate School of Social Services 08.28.17
  Financial Services Representative/Counselor A06120 Student Financial Service, Lincoln Center 08.28.17
  Conference Administrator  A07950 Law Scool, Lincoln Center 08.24.17
  Budget Administrator  A00435 Graduate School of Education (GSE), Lincoln Center 08.24.17
  Assistant Director of Donor Relations  A01970 Development and University Relations 08.22.17
  Assistant Baseball Coach A06450 Athletics, Rose Hill 08.18.17
  Associate Director A05480 Career Planning Center, Lincoln Center 08.18.17
  Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming A01605 Office of Student Involvement, Rose Hill 08.18.17
  Solutions Architect A01235 Fordham IT 08.18.17
  Associate Director, Career Planning A04910 Career Planning Center, Lincoln Center 08.15.17
  Director of Admission A06085 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 08.14.17
  Senior Assistant Director/Associate Director for Transfer Admission A05520 Office of Undergraduate Admission, Rose Hill 08.09.17
  STEP/CSTEP Counselor (grant funded) A07940 STEP/CSTEP 08.08.17
  Executive Director, Fordham Foundry (grant funded) A07935 Gabelli School of Business, Rose Hill 08.08.17
  Assistant Director of Admissions A02570 Law School, Lincoln Center 08.03.17
  Assistant Director of Career Advising A07275 Gabelli School of Business, Rose Hill 08.03.17
  Network Systems Administrator A01130 Law School, Lincoln Center 08.03.17
  Assistant Athletic Director for Equipment Operations and Purchasing A03225 Athletics, Rose Hill 07.27.17
  Associate Director A04030 Law School, Lincoln Center 07.25.17
  Assistant Director of Residential Life A01370 Residential Life, Lincoln Center 07.20.17
  Membership Manager A07245 WFUV Radio, Rose Hill 07.18.17
  Associate Director Employer Relations A06355 Career Services, Rose Hill 07.18.17
  Technical Support - Computer Lab Administrator A01260 Quinn Library, Lincoln Center 06.26.17
  Resident Director A07355 Residential Life, Rose Hill 06.22.17
  Assistant Director of Development and Special Events, WFUV A07900 Development and University Relations, Lincoln Center 06.09.17
  Senior Assistant Director of Student Financial/Enrollment Services A05190 Student Financial Services, Lincoln Center 06.06.17
  Financial Services Representative - Counselor A03695 Student Financial Services, Rose Hill 06.06.17
  Special Advisor to the President for Diversity, Chief Diversity Officer, and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs A07895 Office of the President and Office of the Provost, Rose Hill 06.02.17
  Director/Associate Director of Development, Arts and Sciences and Professional Schools A01015 Development and University Relations, Lincoln Center 05.26.17
  Versatile Engineer A05050 Fordham IT, Rose Hill 05.17.17
  Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow A04500 Institute of International  Humanitarian Affairs 05.15.17
  Emerging Technologies Librarian A03155 Walsh Library, Rose Hill 04.28.17
  Senior Systems Analyst A00015 Fordham information Technology, Rose Hill 04.19.17
  Postdoctoral Project Administrator GRANT FUNDED A07870 Center for Ethics Education, Rose Hill 04.12.17
  Digital Media/Web Content Specialist  A01725 Office of Student Financial Services 04.04.17
  Expanded Learning Director (grant funded) A07585 Community Schools Program, Graduate School of Education 03.31.17
  Systems Analyst A05060 Fordham IT 03.07.17
  Assistant Director of Financial Aid A01560 Law School, Lincoln Center 03.07.17
  Senior Research Analyst A03895 Institutional Research/Office of the Provost, Rose Hill 02.17.17
  Chief Human Resources Officer A07820 Office of the Sr. VP, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer 01.03.17
  Financial Services Representative/Counselor A06125 and A05020 Office of Student Financial Services, Rose Hill 11.15.16
  Enterprise Systems Analyst A05060 Fordham IT, Rose Hill 09.12.16
  Assistant Director/Technical Assistant A03690 Office of Student Financial Services, Rose Hill 02.23.16