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Administrative Opportunities

We are currently transitioning to our New Career Opportunities Portal, and we encourage you to also visit this resource for more information and additional opportunities that may not be listed below.

Director/Assistant Dean for Student Professional Development A02645 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,Rose Hill 10.21.21
STEP/CSTEP Assistant Director A01720 STEP/CSTEP, Rose Hill 10.20.21
Associate Dean A06100 Graduate School of Education, Lincoln Center 10.18.21
Assistant Dean for Sophomores A00415 Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Lincoln Center 10.18.21
Editor A03200 Fordham Law School, Lincoln Center 10.13.21
Assistant Director/Communications and Project Management A04285 Rose Hill and Lincoln Center 10.13.21
Graduate Recruitment Coordinator/Admissions Counselor A03565 Graduate School of Education, Lincoln Center 10.13.21
Assistant Director/Marketing & Digital Communication-Student Engagement A01760 Career Services, Rose Hill 10.07.21
Head of Archives and Special Collections A04065 Walsh Library, Rose Hill 10.04.21
Coordinator of Corporate Partnerships A00635 Gabelli School of Business/Career Development Center, Lincoln Center 09.30.21
Associate Director of Career Advising: Marketing, Media & Communications and Management A01385 Gabelli School of Business, Lincoln Center 09.30.21
Administrative Assistant A08895 Office of the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO), Rose Hill 09.28.21
Nurse Practitioner A09510 University Health Services, Rose Hill 09.28.21
Assistant Dean for Juniors A00405 Office of the Dean, Fordham College at Rose Hill 09.23.21
Associate Director of Specialized Masters Admissions and Recruitment A06645 Gabelli School of Business, Lincoln Center 09.17.21
Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment A06045/A06655 Gabelli School of Business, Lincoln Center 09.17.21
Program Administrator A09495 Feerick Center for Social Studies/Law School, Lincoln Center 09.15.21
Project Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the Dean A09060 Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), Rose Hill 08.27.21
Head of Circulation & Access A05730 Maloney Library, Law School, Lincoln Center 08.25.21
Reference Librarian A03100 Maloney Library, Law School, Lincoln Center 08.26.21
Assistant Director, Student Accounts A01735 Office of Student Financial Services, Rose Hill 08.25.21
Assistant Director for Fordham London and Granada Study Abroad Programs A09190 ISAP, Rose Hill  08.24.21
Director of Academic Personnel A02185 Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), Rose Hill 08.18.21
Lab Coordinator A02595 Natural Science, Lincoln Center 08.18.21
Supervising Counselor/Coordinator for Outreach, Prevention @ Wellness Services A02620 Counseling and Psychological Services, Rose Hill 07.31.21
Director of Public Interest Student Engagement and Counseling A00770 Fordham Law School, Lincoln Center 07.28.21
Senior Assistant Director A05205 Office of Undergraduate Admission, Rose Hill/Lincoln Center 07.26.21
Associate Vice President of Public Safety A00110 Public Safety, Rose Hill 06.30.21
Director/Office of Prestigious Fellowships A00740 St. Edmund Campion Institute for the Advancement of Intellectual Excellence, Rose Hill 06.28.21
Associate Director for Diversity Initiatives A09195 Office of Undergraduate Admission, Rose Hill 06.17.21
Director of Residential Life A00650 Office of Residential Life, Lincoln Center 05.27.21
Resident Director A03625 Office of Residential Life, Rose Hill 04.26.21
Assistant Director of Financial Aid A02840 Graduate School of Social Service, Lincoln Center 04.20.21
Executive Director A09430 Fordham Law School's Center on Race, Law, and Justice 02.02.21
Assistant Vice President for Online Programs A09370 Office of the Provost, Rose Hill 04.22.20
Assistant Director of Admissions/Recruitment A09010 Graduate School of Social Service/Office of Admission, Lincoln Center 11.22.19