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Clerical Opportunities

Position Title Position No. Department Date Posted
Enrollment/Student Accounts Senior Representative, Level 5/6 C00930 Enrollment/Student Accounts, Lincoln Center 8.19.19
Executive Secretary, Level 5/6 C00490 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences - Office of Academic Programs and Support (OAPS) and Assistant Dean, Rose Hill 7.25.19
Executive Secretary, Level 5/6 C00345 Graduate School of Social Service, Lincoln Center 6.20.19
Executive Secretary, Level 5/6 C00645 Graduate School of Social Service, Lincoln Center 6.20.19
Academic Records Senior Representative, Level 5 C00280 Office of Academic Records, Lincoln Center 6.12.19
Executive Secretary, Level 5 C01400 Law Library, Lincoln Center 5.24.19
Executive Secretary, Level 5 C00460 Career Planning, Law School, Lincoln Center 5.29.19
Senior Secretary, Level 4 C01390 Campus Operations, Rose Hill 04.15.19
Executive Secretary, Level 5 C00790 Graduate School of Education - Office of the Dean, Lincoln Center 02.1.19
Executive Secretary, Level 5 C00350 Student Financial Services, Rose Hill 10.1.18