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Local 153 Clerical

Fordham University Retirement Plan

Eligible Local 153 Employees are not required to contribute towards the Fordham University Retirement Plan. The University will contribute 5% of the employee’s base pay towards the Retirement Plan upon the completion of two years of service. Upon the completion of five years of service, the University contribution will increase to 6% of base pay into the Fordham University Retirement Plan.

The Fordham University Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan (TDA) is designated for voluntary contributions made by the employee. All employees are eligible to contribute to the TDA Plan without a waiting period. The voluntary contributions to the TDA Plan are unmatched and are subject to the IRS limits for individual annual contribution amounts. Contributions to either or both plans can be made to investment options offered by TIAA and Fidelity Investments.

Below are the Salary Reduction Agreements (SRAs) needed to make employee contribution elections and the website links needed to open an account online with TIAA and Fidelity Investments. Should you need assistance or have any questions regarding Fordham’s Retirement Plan, please contact Xiomara de Leon at 718-817-4884 or at

Salary Deferral Forms

Fordham University Retirement Plan Salary Reduction Agreement

Fordham University Voluntary Contribution Salary Reduction Agreement

Provider Enrollment

Visit to enroll in the Retirement Plan and/or the TDA Plan with Fidelity.

View the Fidelity Enrollment Guide

Visit to enroll in the Retirement Plan and/or the TDA Plan with TIAA.

View the TIAA Enrollment Guide

Summary Plan Description

View the Fordham University Retirement Plan Summary Plan Description