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Rose Hill Honors Mission

A Community of Scholars for Justice


  • Small, seminar-style classes that are writing-intensive and discussion-driven.
  • Common “core” syllabi in first-year classes.
  • Interdisciplinary dinner seminars once a semester for the first two years of the curriculum.
  • Frequent co- and extra-curricular activities and events attended by both students and faculty.
  • A robust program of student-created and student-led activities organized through our Student Activities Council (SAC).
  • Alpha House, an Honors-only building on campus for classes, study sessions, and lounging.


  • An academic research methods class in the first semester of sophomore year.
  • Required research or scholarly engagement in every class after the first year.
  • A senior thesis in your major.

Diversity and Justice

  • A course that engages students in the diverse history and culture of the Bronx during the first semester of the curriculum.
  • A diversity or justice component in every course across the curriculum.
  • Two courses specifically devoted to the academic study of justice in the sophomore year.
  • A richly diverse student body.
  • Partnerships with Bronx organizations that provide opportunities for holistic mentorship, public health research, and social media development.
  • Honors-exclusive funding opportunities for summer internships at non-profit organizations.