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When Fordham employees and community members are in dispersed locations, it’s important to remain connected to each other. Information technology provides tools and resources so University staff and faculty can continue communications and maintain productivity from remote locations.

Equipment Loans for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff who need to borrow a laptop on a temporary basis for their remote office should contact the IT Service Desk (see below). Equipment available for loan.

Remote Office Training Videos

View recorded training webinars for using Cisco Single Number Reach, Zoom, and Concur Expense.

Remote Office Expectations

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with Fordham’s mobile use policy.

Need Help?

The IT Service Desk is your main contact point for technology-related questions.

Go to the Tech Help page at for tech support and to request services.

You may also call or email as follows:
Staff: 718-817-3999
Faculty Only: 718-817-1111
Staff: [email protected]
Faculty Only: [email protected]


See below for information on the following resources:

  1. 411 Fordham Online Directory
  2. Online Meeting and Webinar Options (Zoom)
  3. Audio Conference options
  4. Other Telecommuting Options and Setting Up a Remote Office
  5. Remote Access to Fordham Internal Services
  6. How to Add Allowed Email Contacts


411 Fordham Online Directory

Login to the University's Internal Directory,, to find employee office and cell mobile numbers. Please verify your contact information listed in the directory. 

Online Meeting and Webinar Options

Zoom is the University’s standard application for online meetings, remote classes, and webinars. All active Fordham University employees and students are eligible to use Zoom for video and audio conferencing. 

Zoom webinars can host up to 500 participants. If you wish to host a Zoom webinar, contact the IT Service Desk a week in advance, to obtain a temporary Zoom webinar subscription

Audio Conference Options

See the Teleconferencing page for instructions on how to use InterCall Reservationless Plus.

InterCall Reservationless-Plus
(For teleconferences with 7 or more callers.)

To request an account, submit a service request in the Tech Help tab at or contact the IT Service Desk.  

Other Options and Setting Up a Remote Office

Single Number Reach

Receive calls to your Fordham extension on your mobile or personal phone. View our Single Number Reach Guide.

Cisco Mobile Remote Access (MRA)

Make and receive calls outside of the office using your Fordham extension with the Jabber app on your smartphone or computer, or on your physical Fordham Cisco phone.

Instructions for a Jabber Implementation

  1. Submit a Jabber Request to become an authorized Remote Worker by going to the Tech Help tab or by calling the IT Service Desk (718-817-3999 or x13999 on campus). 
  2. Your direct supervisor will need to authorize this request. 
  3. Once authorization has been received, the IT Service Desk will contact you to complete the software set up or distribute the equipment needed to set up your remote office.
  4. They will assist you with configuring the Jabber app and/or Cisco phone, as well as initiating remote telecommunications on the university systems. They can also assist you with setting up a VPN session, a Remote Access Point (RAP), using remotely, and using a Cisco phone remotely.
  5. Download the Jabber app to your mobile device or computer. To look for the version of software for your device, go to the university portal; select the tab My Apps and look for the Channel Remote Office Setup.
  6. After installing the Jabber app, use your Fordham username to login using the following address form: [email protected]. (Harry Potter would login as [email protected].). The Telecom team will receive your login request and activate your account or contact the IT Service Desk  to assist with your account activation.

Do not use any remote equipment to dial 911. Use a landline or your regular cell phone number to dial 911 so the emergency dispatchers can correctly identify your location. 

Remote Access to Fordham Internal Services

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The Virtual Private Network is a secure connection from any public location to the University’s private network, providing access to University-issued application software. 

See Virtual Private Network for more information and a list of services.

Virtual Desktops 

A virtual desktop computer that can access all Fordham-issued applications without a VPN.

Virtual Academic space:

Fordham's Virtual Academic Space (Apporto), provides students and faculty access to the software applications normally found in a campus computer lab or classroom.

Virtual Admin space:

Fordham's Virtual Admin Space (Microsoft Azure), gives faculty and staff access to University resources and applications typically accessed from an office-based computer.  


A secure connection to your Fordham desktop. Contact the IT Service Desk to request a license.

How to Add Allowed Email Contacts

Ensure that critical messages from the University do not end up in your Spam folder.

Add Contacts to Gmail

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