Advising Notes

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The Student’s Case Record offers the ability to add Notes that you may have after appointments with students. After posting a note, it is also easy to edit or delete it.

Viewing Notes

  1. On the center portion of the Advising Case, open the Notes tab by clicking on Notes.
  2. Scroll down to see list of all advising notes
  3. Click on the note name (N-number) to view the note

Add a New Advising Note (ad-hoc)

To add a note on a student that is NOT part of an appointment:

  1. On the Advising Case, open the Notes tab
  2. Enter subject and details
  3. Click Submit 

Add a Note to an Appointment

If you want to add notes for a specific appointment to the Advisee’s record, you can add an Advising Note to the appointment record and it will automatically link to the student’s advising notes.

  1. From the calendar view of the SSH Appointment Manager, click into a scheduled appointment to bring up the Appointment Details and Advisee Snapshot. 
  2. In the Appointment Details, select View Appointment.
  3. Once in the appointment record, the right panel should prompt you with a screen to add a new note. Fill in the Subject and Body of Note and click Submit.

Advising Notes: Private, Shared, Public

When you create an advising note, it automatically creates a shared note and shares it with everyone who has access to the notes for the primary school of the advisee. For example, if the student’s primary program is in the Gabelli School of Business, every note on the student’s advisee case record will be shared with all advisors and staff with access to notes for the Gabelli School of Business. 

Follow the steps below to make a note private or share with other groups or specific users.

  1. After you create a note, you will see it in the Advising Notes list view. Edit the note by either selecting the note number (N-XXXXXXXX) or clicking the down arrow and selecting Edit.

Make note private:

  1. To make the note private, change the SharingPrivacy to Private and click Save.

Make note public:

  1. To make the note public, change the SharingPrivacy to Public and click Save. This will make the Advising Note visible to all users with access to Advising Notes.

Share note with specific users:

  1. To share with specific users, open the note record by selecting the Advising Notes Name (N-XXXXXX) from the Advising Notes list view.
  2. Click the Sharing button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 
  3. In the Share panel that appears, search for and select another advisor
    1. Note: The search bar defaults to a user search. To share with a public group instead, select the down arrow next to the head and change the audience to Public Group.
  4. Select the Access Level and click Save.

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