Scheduling an Appointment with an Advisor

For Students


Students can schedule appointments with anyone in their Success Team on the Fordham Hub. You can also contact your major and minor advisors. 

Schedule an Appointment with Someone in Your Success Team

Advisors that have been assigned to you in the student information system will appear on your Success Team. You will be able to schedule appointments with any of your advisors who have availability in the system.

  1. Click on Schedule an Appointment on the right-hand side of your home screen, or navigate to My Appointments and select Schedule an Appointment from the top of that screen. This will open the Appointment Scheduling Wizard.
  2. Choose which advisor you’d like to meet with. You can start typing the name of an advisor in the search bar or see the list of advisors you recently met with in the Recent tab. If you navigate to the Assigned tab, you will see all of the advisors currently assigned to you on your Success Team. Under the Assigned tab, you can also filter by topic by clicking on the All Topics drop-down.
  3. After selecting an available advisor, select a topic that you’d like to meet with them about.
  4. Choose an available time slot that works with your schedule. Some advisors have multiple locations available for meeting (zoom vs. in person vs. phone). Be sure to select the availability that corresponds with the type of appointment you are looking for. 

Scheduled = You can schedule with this advisor during this time.
Walk-In = The advisor has designated this time as walk-in availability, you cannot schedule an appointment for this time but you can go to the location identified for a walk-in appointment.
Note: Fordham Hub will not compare against your class schedule, it will show all of the advisor’s availability. It is your responsibility to make sure you know your schedule and do not double book yourself. 

  1. After selecting the date and time that works with your schedule, choose the location (if the advisor has identified multiple locations) on the Confirm Appointment screen. Select Schedule Appointment next to the location type (i.e. Schedule In-Person Appointment, Schedule Virtual Appointment, Schedule Other Appointment, ec.). You can also add comments on this screen to give your advisor some more context prior to your appointment.
  2. Your appointment has been scheduled.  You will receive a confirmation email. Navigate back to the Homepage of the Fordham Hub to see your appointment displayed in Upcoming Appointments. 

When a virtual appointment has been scheduled, you can join the web meeting from the Hub by clicking on Join Web Meeting at your scheduled appointment time.

Contact your Major or Minor Advisor

Currently, major and minor advisors are not part of the success team. Instead, you can contact them here:

  1. At the top of Fordham Hub home screen, click Advising
  2. On the right, click Contact Major / Minor Advisors
  3. Select the advisor and click Next

Type your message and click Send Email

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