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The SSH Appointment Manager and a Student’s Case Record offer different ways to schedule appointments with Students from the Advisor portal. After scheduling an appointment, it is also easy to edit or delete it, schedule a follow-up appointment, or mark a student as a no-show.


Scheduling Appointments

There are multiple ways to set up appointments with your advisees: 1) SSH Appointment Manager (Scheduled), 2) SSH Appointment Manager (Walk-In), or 3) Direct from the Advisee’s Case Record.

SSH Appointment Manager (Scheduled)

  1. From the SSH Appointment Manager, select New Appointment.
  2. Specify the appointment details. 
    1. Invitee(s) - Search for and select one or more advisees from the list of suggestions, which can include both your own advisees as well as advisees from success teams that you're not a member of. If you're a member of the success team, you see a badge indicating ‘My Student.’ You can also invite other advisors—anyone who is an Advisor Link User.
    2. Location - Choose a location you've specified in your appointment availability settings.
    3. Web Meeting - If you're meeting virtually, select Web Meeting and paste the link and any optional details into the Web Meeting Link and Additional Connection Information fields. You must still create the Zoom meeting or use your personal Zoom link.
    4. Topic - Choose a topic.
    5. Subtopic - Choose a subtopic if available for the selected Topic.
    6. Appointment Subject - Enter an optional subject for the appointment. If you don't provide an Appointment Subject, Advisor Link concatenates and uses the selected Topic and Subtopic. The Appointment Subject appears in both the agenda preview on the left side of the Appointment Manager and the complete agenda in the Appointment Details panel.
    7. Description - Enter an optional description for the appointment.
    8. Date and Time - Choose a predefined time or one-off time.
  3. Click Save.

SSH Appointment Manager (Walk-In)

  1. From the SSH Appointment Manager, select New Walk-In Availability
  2. Specify the appointment details, including the student, location, and topic
  3. Note:  The description will be visible to the student. You can add notes later
  4. Salesforce will automatically default to now as the start time for the walk-in appointment. Depending on the topic you select, the duration will default to your custom appointment length setting; however, you can edit this
  5. Click Save
  6. Click View Appointment in the Appointment Manager to open the appointment
  7. You can enter Advising Notes on the right side
  8. Click on the Start or End time fields to edit if needed

Advisee Case Record

  1. From the Advisee Case Record, navigate to the Appointments tab.
  2. Select New Appointment next to the Upcoming Appointments related list.
  3. Because you are setting up the appointment from the advisee case record, the Invitee(s) is pre-selected to your advisee.
  4. Specify the other appointment details.
  5. Click Save.

Note: When you save the appointment, SSH creates an appointment record, an appointment attendee record, and an event record for you and each invited participant. Your event record is informational only and keeps your calendar in sync. While you can access the event record from your calendar, avoid interacting with it in your calendar.

Best Practice: Always access and work with appointments from the SSH Appointment Manager or other access points from the Advisee Record Case. 

Reschedule or Cancel Appointments

Two ways to edit an appointment are 1) From the Appointment Manager or 2) Direct from the Advisee’s Case Record. Canceling appointments can be done in the Appointment Manager. 

SSH Appointment Manager (Edit or Cancel Appointment)

  1. Open the SSH Appointment Manager and navigate to the appointment you would like to reschedule or cancel.
  2. Click on the Appointment to open more details in the window.
  3. Select the Action button from the bottom of the appointment.
  4. Select Edit Appointment to make edits to the appointment. This will reopen the appointment scheduler window where you can update the appointment details. Click Save.
  5. To cancel the appointment, select Cancel Appointment from the list of Action Shortcuts.

Advisee Case Record (Edit Appointment)

  1. From the Advisee Case Record, navigate to the Appointments tab.
  2. Find the appointment you want to edit under the Upcoming Appointments section. Select the down arrow to the right of the appointment name and select Edit from the drop-down list that appears.
  3. Make changes to the appointment details in the Edit Appointment window. 
  4. Click Save.

Note: All edits made to the appointment will prompt a new email notification to all attendees.


Schedule a Follow-Up Appointment

While viewing an appointment in the Appointment Manager, you can quickly schedule a follow-up appointment. Scheduling follow-up appointments from the Appointment Manager saves time (as opposed to scheduling a new appointment) because details such as the invitees’ names and the appointment’s Location, Topic, and Subtopic are automatically filled out.

  1. Select an appointment in the Appointment Manager, then click Action below the Appointment Details and Attendee Snapshot panels — select Schedule Follow-Up.
  2. Update the appointment details as needed.
  3. Specify a date and time for the follow-up appointment.
    1. For a routine follow-up appointment, select from the time slots on the Predefined Availability tab.
    2. For a non-routine follow-up (such as an appointment that is shorter or longer than your standard appointment length or to schedule during a time that isn’t reserved for advising), click the One-Off Appointment tab and specify a date and custom Start and End times.


Marking a No-Show for an Appointment

There are two ways to mark a student as a no-show to a scheduled appointment: 1) From the SSH Appointment Manager and 2) From the Appointment on the Advisee Record.

SSH Appointment Manager

  1. Open the SSH Appointment Manager and navigate to the appointment.
  2. Click on the Appointment to open more details.
  3. Within the Appointment Details on the left side panel, scroll down and click the ‘Action’ button.
  4. When the appointment has reached its start time, a ‘Mark No Show’ button will become active, and you can press it.
    1. Note: This button will only become active at the appointment’s start time. 

Advisee Case Record

  1. From the Advisee Case record, navigate to the Appointments tab.
  2. Find the appointment you want and click on the topic (title) to open the appointment in a new tab.
  3. From the appointment which opened in a new tab, click the arrow on the right side next to the student’s appointment attendee record and role and select ‘Edit’ from the drop-down list of options.
  4. In the pop-up of the Attendee, you can update the Status field to be ‘No Show.
  5. Click Save.

Note: You can edit the status of an attendee in this location both before and after an appointment has happened.


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