Managing Availability

For Advisors


Setting availability allows you to show students when you are available for appointments or walk-in visits. Correctly indicating available times and types of availability make scheduling meetings easier and faster for all parties.

Set up availability

  1. On the lower left-hand corner of the Home page, click the SSH Appointment Manager button next to the lightning bolt icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click the gear icon near the top of that window
  3. Set up availability settings:
    • Appointment Buffer - Enter the number of minutes between consecutively scheduled appointments to prepare for the next meeting. 
    • Advance Notice - Specify the lead time you require for scheduling an appointment, in hours.
    • Length SettingsCustom Appointment Lengths - When enabled, you can set custom appointment lengths for Topics and Subtopics. Default Appointment Length - The default appointment length listed is the same regardless of Subtopic.
  4. Set up Appointment Locations - Enter the location and/or medium you would like to make appointments available to students. 
    • Note: best practice is to not designate the location as “Other” and to delete the default “Other” location. Replace this default location with your preferred location, phone number, or Zoom link.
    • Click New next to appointment locations to create a new location
    • Enter details and click save
    • To remove a location, click on the caret to the right, and select delete
  5. Create an availability entry
    • Next to current and future availability, click New
    • Enter a subject (such as ‘meeting times’)
    • Select the type (Scheduled, Walk-in, or Group)
    • Select any topic(s) you would like students to discuss
    • Select available location(s) from above
    • Set the start and end date range for the availability
    • Set the start and end time you will be available each day
    • Choose how often the availability will repeat
    • Select days of the week that you will be available
    • When you are ready, click save
    • Note: The best practice is to not have an availability schedule that lasts longer than a couple of months. 
    • Note: be sure that the selected days of the week fall within the specified date ranges. 
  6. Click the Save button to set your availability with your chosen specifications.

It is recommended to keep email notifications on, at least initially. To do this, make sure all three items listed under “Email Notification Settings” are toggled to the right, setting them to “Enabled”. Note: these notifications will be sent to you regardless of who is making the appointment. This means that if you schedule an appointment on behalf of a student or they schedule an appointment with you in the Student Success Hub you will receive a notification if enabled. 

*Please remember to keep your availability up to date. You may need to check on it every few months.

SSH Appointment Manager Calendar View

When you have appointments scheduled, or to view your availability for a certain day, you can open the SSH Appointment Manager from the utility bar at the bottom-left of your screen, next to the lightning bolt icon. You will see your scheduled time on the left and any scheduled appointments on the right. 

Editing and Deleting Recurring Availability

You may edit your appointment availability from within the Student Success Hub. If you need to edit the start/end times or delete the times of one of your daily recurring appointments, use the Appointment Manager in the lower-left corner of your screen next to the lightning bolt icon to open the calendar view. From there, navigate to the correct day. Find the scheduled appointment block and select the downward pointing arrow to the right of the available time. Then select either Delete Availability or Edit Availability.

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