Guide for Support Staff

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Support staff can schedule and edit advising appointments for Advisors. 


Schedule an Appointment

  1. From the Advisee Case Record, navigate to the Appointments tab.
  2. Select New Appointment next to the Upcoming Appointments related list.
    1. Note: Because you are setting up the appointment from the Advisee Case Record, the Invitee(s) is pre-selected to the advisee.
  3. In the Assigned Support Staff Member field, search for and select the advisor’s name.
    1. Note: The Advisor must be a Salesforce user to schedule an appointment with them.
  4. Specify the other appointment details, including location, topic, and subject
  5. Select a timeslot from the Advisor’s available times, or select one-off appointment to schedule outside of availability
  6. Click Save.

When you save the appointment, Salesforce creates an appointment record, an appointment attendee record, and an event record for the Organizer (Advisor) and each invited participant. The advisor’s event record is informational only and keeps their calendar in sync.


Reschedule an Appointment

  1. From the Advisee Case Record, navigate to the Appointments tab.
  2. Find the appointment you want to edit under the Upcoming Appointments section, select the downward arrow to the right of the appointment name, and select Edit from the drop-down menu.
  3. Make changes to the appointment details in the Edit Appointment window by clicking on the downward arrow and selecting Edit link.
  4. Click Save.

All edits to the appointment will prompt a new email notification to all attendees.


Reassign the Advisor on an Appointment

If you need to update the advisor on an appointment, you must do this from the Appointment Attendee Record in the Appointment view.

  1. Navigate to the appointment from the Advisee Case Record by selecting the appointment topic. This will open up the Appointment Record.
  2. Under the Appointment Attendees section, select the drop-down arrow next to the Organizer or Advisor and select Edit.
  3. Delete the current Advisor with the X next to their name.
  4. Search for the Advisor who will attend the appointment instead, and then click Save.
  5. You can verify the appointment has been updated by going back to the Upcoming Appointments list on the Advisee Case record. The new Advisor attendee will appear as the Owner. 

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