Drug-Free Campus Guidelines: Standards of Conduct

Fordham University is committed to a campus culture free of illegal drug use, misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, underage drinking and alcohol abuse. A comprehensive set of strategies are used to combat this epidemic so often associated with higher education across the nation. Education about the medical and legal dangers of substance abuse, compassionate personal attention to any student or employee who may seek or require help with drug or alcohol-related problems, and a consistent educational disciplinary process for students, form the foundation of Fordham’s efforts in this area.

The University’s commitment to help students and employees confront problems of drug and alcohol abuse in no way implies tolerance for illegal activity or any other harmful conduct influenced by drugs or alcohol. The University prohibits the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs or alcohol on its property or as part of its activities. The University will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies and will apply appropriate internal disciplinary processes should a student or an employee violate criminal statutes with regard to illegal drugs or possession or sale of alcohol. A student or employee who violates the alcohol and other drug policy is subject both to this institution’s sanctions and to criminal sanctions provided by federal, state, and local law.

The University will apply the proper procedural safeguards and will determine those disciplinary sanctions that may be relevant to one’s status as a student or employee of Fordham University. Standards of conduct and processes are described more fully in the documents listed below:

  • Fordham University Code of Conduct - Applicable to all students, faculty and employees
  • Student and Residential Life Handbooks - Applicable to all students
  • University Statutes Article IV - Applicable to faculty
  • University Handbook - For administrators
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements - Applicable to members of Local 153 and Local 810 and SEIU Local 200United

Faculty, staff, and students may obtain copies of relevant documents from the Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs or the respective Dean of Students for either the Rose Hill or Lincoln Center campus.

Employees can secure copies from the Human Resources Department.