Drug-Free Campus Guidelines: University Student Conduct Sanctions

It is the University’s policy to discourage all violations of Federal, State, or local laws by any member of the University community. In addition to possible prosecution and punishment by civil authorities, a student or employee violating any law may be subject to sanctions imposed by the University.                        


Sanctions imposed through the student conduct process  are listed in greater detail in the Student Conduct sections of the Student and Residential Life Handbooks. These sanctions include, but are not limited to, expulsion, suspension, probation; probation, suspension, or dismissal from the Residence Halls; group probation; disciplinary reprimands; educational sanctions and restitution. When appropriate, University sanctions may be entered into permanent records. The University reserves the right to notify parents or guardians of students (who are not documented as holding independent status) of pending violations or subsequent student conduct decisions.

Unless they have waived their right to a hearing, a student alleged to have violated the University Code of Conduct shall be free from student conduct sanctions pending conclusion of the appropriate hearing, except in those cases when the Dean of Students determines that the well-being of the community or the accused is endangered by the accuser’s continued presence on University premises. In such cases, the Dean of Students may take appropriate interim measures, including temporary suspension of the accused student and/or removal from University housing.

Tenure-Line Faculty

Tenure-Line Faculty who violate the University’s standards of conduct are subject to disciplinary action including reprimand, suspension, or dismissal as stipulated in Article IV of the University Statutes.

Other Employees

Subject to the various processes and procedural safeguards that are applicable to one’s employment status and classification, the University may impose sanctions against any employee who violates Federal, State, or local laws, or the standards of University conduct. Depending on the nature and severity of the violation, these sanctions can range from warnings and/or mandatory referral for drug or alcohol rehabilitation to outright termination of employment.