Summer Session Grades and Records

Record Requests

Transcript of Records: Fordham University is pleased to be able to offer official electronic transcripts free of charge. Please find more information on this Academic Records page

No transcripts or certifications will be issued for students who have unpaid financial obligations to the University.


View an explanation of undergraduate and graduate grades.

Grading and Absence

Pass/Fail: To access the new Pass/Fail request form, go to, login, select "My Pages," "Student," and then go to the "Electronic Forms" section. Select the Pass/Fail form. Be sure to select the Summer term.

Absence from Final Examination: A student who for a serious reason does not take the final examination must apply to the faculty member and to the Summer Session dean for approval to take a deferred examination. This application must be made in writing prior to the sixth day following the final examination date. The faculty member will notify the student of the date of the deferred examination. A temporary grade of ABS will be reported.