Department/Program Contacts for FCLC Students

Department/Program Name Email
Accounting Minor Bob Daly [email protected]
African and African American Studies Mark Chapman [email protected]
American Catholic Studies Angela O'Donnell [email protected]
American Studies Christopher Dietrich [email protected]
Anthropology Heather Gautney [email protected]
Art History Maria Ruvoldt [email protected]
Asian American Studies Minor Stephen Sohn [email protected]
Bioethics Minor Steve Swartzer s[email protected]
Bioinformatics Minor Henry Han [email protected]
Business Administration Minor Bob Daly [email protected]
Classical Languages and Civilization Christopher Maginn [email protected]
Communication and Media Studies Jennifer Clark [email protected]
Comparative Literature Kathryn Reklis [email protected]
Computer and Information Sciences Ying Mao [email protected]
Creative Writing Minor Sarah Gambito [email protected]
Disability Studies Minor Rebecca Sanchez [email protected]
Economics Sean Collins [email protected]
3-2 Engineering Christopher Aubin [email protected]
Engineering Physics Martin Sanzari [email protected]
English Christiana Sogno
Environmental Science Marie Thomas [email protected]
Environmental Studies Edward van Buren [email protected]
History Doron Ben-Atar [email protected]
Honors Program Jordan Stein [email protected]
Humanitarian Studies Brendan Cahill [email protected]
Integrative Neuroscience Alma Rodenas-Ruano
International Political Economy Giacomo Santangelo [email protected]
International Studies Sarah Lockhart [email protected]
Irish Studies Minor Keri Walsh [email protected]
Jewish Studies Magda Teter [email protected]
Latin American and Latino Studies Yuko Miki [email protected]
Marketing Minor Bob Daly [email protected]
Mathematics A Raghuram
Mathematics/Computer Science Cris Poor [email protected]
Mathematics/Economics  Jasun Gong [email protected]
Medieval Studies Christina Bruno [email protected]
Middle East Studies Sarah Lockhart [email protected] 
Modern Languages and Literatures Audrey Evrard
Music Daniel Ott [email protected]
Natural Sciences Martin Digrandi [email protected]
New Media and Digital Design Ralph Vacca [email protected]
Orthodox Christian Studies George Demacopoulos [email protected]
Peace and Justice Studies Minor John van Buren [email protected]
Philosophy Brian Johnson [email protected]
Political Science Zein Murib [email protected]
Pre-Law Hillary Mantis [email protected]
Psychology Mark Mattson [email protected]
Religious Studies Christiana Zenner  [email protected]
Social Work Gregory Acevedo [email protected]
Sociology Heather Gautney [email protected]
Sustainable Business Minor Bob Daly [email protected]
Teacher Education Track (5-Year) Michael Taylor [email protected]
Theatre May Adrales [email protected]
Theology Christiana Zenner [email protected]
Urban Studies Annika Hinze a[email protected]
Visual Arts Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock [email protected]
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Zein Murib [email protected]