FCRH Transfer Student Advising

Ethnically mixed group of students - SM

In September and January of each year, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) welcomes transfer students from institutions all over the country. Transfer students usually enter as freshmen or sophomores, depending on how many credits are awarded for courses taken at previous institution(s).

Upon admission to the College, transfer students will consult with the FCRH Transfer Advisor ([email protected]), to discuss credit transfer, course selection for the upcoming semester, and long-term academic plans.

Upon arrival, incoming transfer students participate in the New Student Orientation programs organized by the Office for Student Involvement.

In their first semester, all transfer students are enrolled in the FCRH Transfer Advising Program. This program is led by the Transfer Dean and Advisor and consists of group and individual meetings. The outline of meetings can be found below.

FCRH Transfer Advising Program Schedule

Group Meeting #1: Tools for Academic Success

  • Academic Support and Resources
  • Understanding Your Transfer Credit Evaluation
  • Core Curriculum and Degree Requirements 
  • College Policies and Procedures 

Group Meeting #2: Reviewing Your Academic Progress

  • Gauging Your Academic Progress
  • Major Declaration Overview
  • Course Registration Procedure

Individual Meeting: Mid-Semester and Check-In

  • Academic Progress
  • Major Declaration
  • Course Registration Plan
  • Other Concerns & Questions

Group Meeting #3: Planning for the Future

  • Study Abroad, Career Services, and Other Opportunities
  • Course Registration and Core Progress Check-In
  • Summer Coursework Policy and Procedure
  • Final Exam Reminders and Resources
  • Future Academic Advising