Academic Integrity Tutorial

Tutorial Information and Instructions

  • The AIT is an online presentation designed to help you understand issues related to academic integrity and Fordham's Undergraduate Policy on Academic Integrity. It explores what it means to plagiarize, cheat, and misrepresent scholarly work with examples and illustrations.

    In addition, the AIT provides strategies that can be used to improve academic efforts and avoid committing academic offenses. It concludes with a series of questions that you must complete. All FCRH incoming first year students and external transfer students to FCRH must complete and pass the AIT in order to register for the Spring 2023 semester.

    1. Log on to Blackboard (link/icon on the upper-right side of the My.Fordham portal once you log in). You will be directed to your personal Welcome Page.
    2. Under My Courses (right side), click the link to the Undergraduate Academic Integrity Tutorial.
    3. Click the link "Module #1 of 8: Joining the Academic Community."
    4. Detailed instructions are contained within the Tutorial.

    If you encounter any technical difficulties, please email your advisor right away.

    Note that there are eight (8) sections or modules of the AIT, and you must complete all of them. There is also a detailed video tutorial on how to access and complete the Tutorial.

  • Upon completion, the Tutorial will automatically inform you of whether you passed or failed. If you do fail the AIT, be sure to follow the instructions on how to re-take it right away.