“The professors not only taught us English skills and American culture, but they also offered us a lot of help in getting better acquainted with New York City. And my classmates have become my best friends in New York. — A. Zheng, MS in Business Analytics

“What exactly did I like most about Gabelli TALK? The friendly and cohesive atmosphere, and the sense of belonging I felt when we studied or played as a team to solve problems. Don’t miss the chance to make 20 days of unforgettable memories and a bunch of life-long friends! — J. Zhu, MS in Business Analytics

“Gabelli TALK is really a good opportunity to arrive before the start of school, visit different places, and fit in with the culture. You also get to practice English because learning English in China is a completely different thing than learning it in the USA. You also get to make friends with whom you’ll stay in touch well after the program is over. Gabelli TALK is an absolutely memorable experience in my graduate life. — Y. Niu, MS in Taxation

“Gabelli TALK afforded me an excellent opportunity to improve my English skills which are essential for my studies, meet new people and make new friends, network with senior students, and learn more about my program. Thanks to the Gabelli TALK program I got an administrative GA position, which is very valuable work experience. I will definitely recommend Gabelli TALK to my friends because they will gain useful insight into the American education system, get adjusted to a new culture, and just have a lot of fun!
N. Kvak, MS in Marketing Intelligence