Hye Seung (Grace) Lee

Hye Seung - Business Faculty

Stroz and Spooner Chair in Accounting
Associate Professor
Accounting and Taxation
Joined Fordham: 2015

General Information:
45 Columbus Avenue, Room 612,
New York, NY 10023

Email: hlee126@fordham.edu

  • Grace Lee’s research interests are mainly centered on the effects of firm-level organizational and economic characteristics on financial reporting outcomes, the effects of financial and tax reporting on capital markets, corporate governance, and family firms. Her research has been published in The Accounting ReviewJournal of Financial and Quantitative AnalysisJournal of Accounting, Auditing, and FinanceJournal of Business Finance and AccountingJournal of Accounting and Public PolicyJournal of Corporate Finance; and Accounting Horizons.

    Dr. Lee currently teaches financial accounting and managerial accounting at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    • PhD: University of Arizona
    • Master’s: Vanderbilt University
    • Bachelor’s: Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, Korea
    • Effects of financial reporting on capital markets
    • Financial analysts' forecasts
    • Voluntary disclosure
    • Earnings management and earnings quality
    • Corporate governance
    • Family firms
    • Lee, H., J. Campbell, H. Lu, and L. Steele. 2019. "Express Yourself: Why Managers’ Disclosure Tone Varies across Time and What Investors Learn from It," Contemporary Accounting Research, forthcoming.
    • Lee, H. and L. Steele. 2019. “Debt Structure and Conditional Conservatism,” Journal of Financial Reporting, forthcoming.
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    • Lee, H., A. Betzer, P. Limbach, and J. Salas. 2019. “Are Generalists Beneficial to Corporate Shareholders? Evidence from Exogenous Executive Turnovers,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.
    • Lee, H., P. Brockman, G. Krishnan, and J. Salas 2019. “Implications of CEO Succession Origin and In-house Experience for Audit Pricing,” Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, forthcoming.
    • Lee, H., P. Brockman, J. Campbell, and J. Salas 2019. “CEO Internal Experience and Voluntary Disclosure Quality: Evidence from Management Forecasts,” Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, forthcoming.
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