Students sitting on wallWho we are

Researchers and educators. Nonprofit leaders. Students. The Responsible Business Center is a pioneering network that galvanizes them for the greater good. We work collectively to redesign business as a sustainable force for prosperity. Our shared vision and our commitment is to improve the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact of industries worldwide and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

What we do

We hope to see significant progress in our lifetimes on complex business challenges, from offsetting carbon and producing clean water to building a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose among all workers. We want to see businesses take proactive steps to regenerate soil, forests, and watersheds. We envision workplaces where all backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures are valued and respected.

These goals are admittedly complex. That’s why the Gabelli School of Business established the Responsible Business Center: to create a space where businesses, academics, and young people can pool their expertise, leverage, and capacity toward these and other worthy objectives.

Launched in the Gabelli School’s centennial year, the Responsible Business Center reflects the school’s role as a flagship institution for responsible business strategy, and a home for people who are committed to the idea that the actions taken by businesses are essential to long-lasting advances in society.

Where we work

The Responsible Business Center has three primary areas of focus. Learn about the coalition we have developed for each one.

Our approach

The Responsible Business Center uses a five-part approach to work toward our goals. We invite professionals in all kinds of businesses and nonprofits, researchers, educators, and students to join our effort in any of these dimensions where you perceive a fit:

  • Convenings and collaboration: Through conferences, work sessions, knowledge-sharing gatherings, and other high-level events, we bring executives and other stakeholders together to work collectively on strategic direction and tactical execution on ESG issues.
  • Engagement and expertise: We invite companies and organizations to sponsor, co-design, and conduct programming at the Gabelli School of Business that builds their brand in the ESG space while educating students in the principles of responsible and sustainable business.
  • Research knowledge: Gabelli School faculty across all academic disciplines — finance, marketing, communication and media, accounting, leadership, strategy, information and tech, business ethics, and more — are conducting studies that can inform companies about ESG issues. Their research findings can help to shape the philosophy, strategy, implementation, and ramifications of ESG decisions today and tomorrow.
  • Enterprise learning: For organizations that are looking to expand or sharpen their ESG efforts, the Responsible Business Center and the Gabelli School can create customized in-house programming. Our faculty can come to you to educate staff, improve collaboration, or meet other key objectives.
  • Talent recruiting: The Responsible Business Center is dedicated to the Gabelli School’s overall effort to provide opportunities for students to pursue responsible, sustainable business after graduation. We work with companies to develop relevant internships, and we provide a pool of job-ready graduates who are uncommonly dedicated to pursuing business in ways that change the world for the better.