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Employer Career Engagement Opportunities

Recruiting the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Situated in the heart of New York City, the business capital of the world, the Gabelli School of Business has deeply rooted connections in the companies and organizations that are driving the future of business locally, nationally, and globally. We are engaging with employers at every level to ensure that our students are prepared for a job market that will offer more opportunities than ever before. Our corporate and organizational partners can’t say enough about the caliber and integrity of the graduates they higher directly out of our M.B.A. and specialized master’s programs for internships and permanent placements.    

Angela King

“At Infosys, we strive to find the best MBA talent to match our needs across our myriad business lines, and the Fordham Gabelli CDC has consistently been a hands-on partner in finding us the right talent for our #1 ranked Infosys InStep Summer Internship each year.”

Angela King, Head of Global Relationship Management, Infosys InStep Internship Program

The Gabelli School offers a full spectrum of recruiting services and resources for employers interested in hiring our graduate students, working in close collaboration with companies and organizations to ensure the recruiting experience is seamless, customized, and results-oriented.

Hire a Graduate Student

When you hire an individual who has completed their studies in any of our graduate programs, you acquire the talent to enhance and build your business in so many ways. Our students are immersed in a business education that prepares them for what’s ahead. They bring a fresh perspective and an innovative approach to the companies that hire them, along with a sense of dedication and commitment that are part of the values we instill in them. Make a difference by providing a student with the chance to begin or advance their career at your company or organization. 

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Provide an Internship and Job Opportunities

Internships provide the critical opportunity for students to explore a range of career paths that might interest them, while gaining the hands-on, relevant work experience hiring managers seek. Our student interns are willing and able to take on a variety of positions that serve to build their knowledge and skills, while enhancing your business. Want to learn more?

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Posting Internships and Job Opportunities

CareerPath is the Gabelli School’s graduate business careers portal. In addition to posting internship or full-time opportunities for M.B.A. and specialized master’s students, employers can submit requests to hold information sessions, interview days, and other recruitment events on-campus, off-campus or virtually.