2018 Women's Philanthropy Summit Panel Sessions

A View from the Top: Perspectives from Successful Women
Success should be shared. Fordham alumnae discussed how they have navigated both professional and personal obstacles to break into the upper echelons of their industries.

Preparing Women for Leadership
Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. Mentors shared why they are committed to preparing others for leadership positions in their careers and communities.

Teamwork and Motivation in the Workplace
Today’s workplace thrives on collaboration. Panelists explained how they motivate teams to work toward common goals—whether on the court or in the office.

Work/Life Balance at Every Stage of Your Life
Every stage of life brings its joys and complexities. Panelists revealed innovative ways to balance life’s changing demands when time is always in short supply.

Keeping the Faith: Engaging the Next Generation in Conversations of Spirituality and Service
Americans are increasingly identifying as religious "nones." But these women have nevertheless been able to tap into the next generation’s sense of spirituality and social justice.

Women’s Giving: How Women Accumulate and Distribute Wealth
Financial literacy is integral to women’s success. In this special keynote panel, four women shared how they turned financial success into a passion for giving back.