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Transfer Credits

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To earn the 124 credits required for their Bachelor’s Degrees, students must complete between 15 to 18 Core Curriculum courses, 10 to 12 courses in their chosen Major, and 9 to 12 Elective courses.

These totals may be reduced by up to 75 credits for courses accepted in transfer from other accredited institutions, for CLEP or DANTES examination results, for recognized employer-sponsored courses, or for faculty-supervised experiential learning portfolios.  

The following criteria must be met for the credits to be transferred to PCS:

  • Students must submit official transcripts from an accredited institution or be part of an official military transcript
  • The student must receive a C or better (C- is not acceptable)
  • The coursework must be in an academic discipline (e.g. Freshman orientation course would not be transferrable. Likewise military transcript credits for combat, marksmanship, or basic training will not be transferrable, but credits from a leadership or management class would be transferrable.)
  • CLEP or DANTES credits will only transfer if they student receives a passing score