PCS Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Program

Classes are offered at Fordham's three campuses: Westchester, Rose Hill, and Lincoln Center

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The Fordham Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med/Pre-Health Program (PBPH) is for college graduates interested in a career in the health professions and need prerequisite science courses. The program offers the pre-med curriculum in the evening during the academic year and summer sessions to prepare students for application to medical, dental, physician assistant, veterinary, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or anaesthesiology assistant programs.

Information at a Glance

Course locations:

Entry Terms: Fall, Spring, or Summer session

GPA: Minimum GPA requirement 3.0 undergraduate

Flexible program design and pace.

Why Fordham? What are some of the unique features of our program?

  • Flexibility – students are able to start in any semester and take the program at their own pace.
  • Evening program – we target career changers and working professionals. Courses are offered in the evening and weekend
  • Financial Aid – Fordham is one of the few programs that provides eligibility for subsidized or unsubsidized Stafford loans of up to $12,500 for one year for post bac students (subject to individual student approval)
  • Personal advising – one-on-one advising is a key part of the program. We work with you on your program plan, academic progress, and the committee process if applicable.
  • The Fordham brand and a rigorous curriculum
  • Small class sizes provides an opportunity to meet fellow students and get to know your professors
  • Availability of required courses (no wait lists)
  • The Fordham and Post Bac student community – you are a member of the Fordham University and Post Bac student communities. You have access to all resources at Fordham. The Post Bac community is supportive and progressive.

Program Tracks

Post Baccalaureate Pre-Med Track
Pre-Med – for candidates who need the foundation and any advanced science courses for an aspirant health program (medical school, veterinary, Physical Therapy, PA)

Students who are accepted into the Pre-med track get advising from the Pre-health advisor and are eligible for the Committee on Health Professions interview and recommendation letter (upon successful completion of at least 30 credits at Fordham’s PBPH program and at least a 3.2 GPA).

Post Baccalaureate Science track
Students may be accepted on a provisional basis into the post bac program if UG GPA is less than a 3.0 but not less than a 2.5. Students must attain a minimum of 3.0 IN EACH COURSE for two semesters. Students will be evaluated after two semesters and upon successful attainment of the GPA requirement will be accepted into the Post Bac Pre-med program.

If a student is not eligible for the Pre-med track, the student may continue on the Science track and take courses, but will not be eligible for a committee letter.

Students may take a few courses needed for medical school at Fordham. Students must be admitted into the Post Bacc program in order to get registered for courses and to obtain a transcript from Fordham. Students in this category are not eligible for advising or the CHP process at Fordham.

At Fordham University international students seeking an F1 visa for a non-degree granting program must complete their studies within one year. Once admitted to the Post Baccalaureate program, students MUST meet with the Office of International Students prior to academic advising and registration to verify visa documents and academic requirements.

The Cornerstones of the Fordham PCS Post Bac program

Here at Fordham’s Post-Bacc Pre-health program, you are more than a GPA or score. We recognize and value each student’s unique story and abilities. The program’s ongoing advisement provides aspirant program preparation for candidates at the early stages of the post-bac program.

Fordham prepares students to align with the medical school core competencies by showing students how to capitalize on and leverage their backgrounds, experiences, and strengths.

We want students who come from a variety of academic, personal, and professional backgrounds. We encourage students to recognize their passions for the health profession and capitalize on their inspirations, talents, backgrounds, and perspectives. Throughout their program at Fordham, students are encouraged to reflect on their contributions to the medical and health field, as well as on their impacts on future patients based on their individual experiences and backgrounds.

The Fordham program is designed for career changers and working adults. Classes are held in the evenings and as a result, students have an opportunity to meet other post bac students in a variety of classes. Our program emphasizes community where students support each other. This provides an academic and professional support network.

The Post-Bacc Student Advisory Council further enhances the student community by serving as advocates for the program, and by working with program administration on ideas to support the post bac students.

The Fordham PCS Post-Bacc Pre-Med Program Committee on Health Professions Process

The Fordham Postbaccalaureate program Committee on Health Professions (CHP) process is a comprehensive one which provides candidates with several workshops and support to prepare them for the medical school application process. The CHP process includes a committee interview and committee letter.

An enhanced Committee on Health Professions process is effective for the Spring 2023 application cycle.

As our students have experienced increased success in recent years, we have identified methods that will place our pending candidates in the best position as they prepare for the medical school application process.

Students must submit a preliminary application to be considered as a candidate for the Committee on Health Professions process. This application is distributed to all current postbaccalaureate students. The preliminary application will be reviewed by our Board of Evaluators and decisions will be made as to which applicants will be eligible to proceed with the committee process.

In order to apply for the CHP process, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 3.2 GPA
  • Minimum 150 hours of health related work and/or volunteer experience
  • Minimum 30 credits of coursework taken in the Fordham Postbaccalaureate program or the PCS Undergraduate program only. Additionally, students must have attended classes in the
    Fordham Post-Bacc program for at least 2 semesters (not including summer sessions) prior to
    applying to the CHP process.
  • Completion and submission of CHP process application

Candidates who indicate intent to participate in a spring CHP cohort after the CHP application deadline will not be able to participate in the spring CHP process. (Students may still apply to medical school but will not be able to get a committee letter from the Fordham Postbaccalaureate program.)

Please note:

Students may apply for the CHP process up to one application cycle after leaving the Fordham Postbaccalaureate program.

Students completing or who have completed a Fordham College undergraduate degree or postbaccalaureate work at another program are not eligible for the Fordham Postbac CHP process.

All courses in the basic curriculum must be completed prior to, or concurrent with the professional school admissions test, and no later than the end of the first summer session of the application year in which the Committee Evaluation is sought. The Committee evaluation letter is based on a student's academic portfolio which includes the following: coursework, transcripts, personal statement, self-assessment and biographical information on personal history including volunteer and/or internship experience and research experience, faculty recommendations, and a personal interview with members of the Committee.