Fordham Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med/Pre-Health Curriculum and Courses

The Fordham Post-baccalaureate Pre-health program provides the prerequisite courses for several aspirant programs. These programs include Medical School (MD, DO), Dental school, Physician Assistant Programs, Veterinary school, Physical Therapy programs, Occupational Therapy programs, accelerated nursing programs, and anaesthesiology assistant programs.

The basic curriculum includes one year of biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, mathematics and statistics, biochemistry and physiology, psychology, sociology, and English required by most medical and professional schools as prerequisites for admission. Additional upper-level science courses are also available and require prior completion of the basic sequence in biology, general chemistry, and calculus. These courses prepare students for the professional school entrance exams, e.g., MCAT, DAT, VCAT, OAT.

Basic Curriculum

  • Intro to Biology I Lecture (3)/Lab (2) and Intro to Biology II Lecture (3)/Lab (2) or General Biology I Lecture (3)/Lab (2) and General Biology II Lecture (3)/Lab (2)
  • General Chemistry I Lecture (4)/Lab (2) and General Chemistry II Lecture (4)/Lab (2)
  • Applied Calculus I (3) and Statistics I (4)
  • Organic Chemistry I Lecture (4)/Lab (2) and Organic Chemistry II Lecture (4)/Lab (2)
  • General Physics I Lecture (3)/Lab (1) and General Physics II Lecture (3)/Lab (1)
  • Human Physiology Lecture (3)/Lab (2) or Vertebrate Physiology Lecture/Lab (5) or Vertebrate Physiology without Lab (3)
  • Biochemistry (3) (prereq - Organic Chemistry I and II Lecture/Lab sequence)
  • Foundations of Psychology Lecture/Lab (4)
  • Introduction to Sociology (3)

Sample of Upper-Level Electives

  • Cell Biology (3)
  • Genetics Lecture (3)/Lab (2) or Genetics Lecture without Lab (3)
  • Microbiology Lecture (3)/Lab (2)
  • Immunology Lecture (3)/Lab (2)
  • Human Anatomy Lecture (3)/Lab (2) or Vertebrate Anatomy Lecture (3)/Lab (2)
  • Molecular Biology (3) (prereq - Organic Chemistry I and II Lecture/Lab sequence)