Refund of Institutional Charges

The following refund policies are based on 100-percent payment of all institutional charges for the enrollment period.

The refund period begins on the first day of the enrollment period.

Institutional Refund Policy (Tuition)

  • Prior to start of term: Fordham 0%; Refund 100%
  • Prior to second week of term**: Fordham 15%; Refund 85%
  • Prior to third week of term: Fordham 30%; Refund 70%
  • Prior to fourth week of term: Fordham 45%; Refund 55%
  • Prior to fifth week of term: Fordham 60%; Refund 40%
  • Prior to sixth week of term: Fordham 75%; Refund 25%
  • Thereafter: Fordham 100%; Refund 0%

**The add/drop period for each school within the University is approximately 7 days into the term. During this period changes in course work is permitted with no tuition penalty. However, if a student withdraws from the University during the add/drop period, the tuition liability will be calculated based on the above table.