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Stories from Fordham College at Rose Hill


Open quotation markI've had incredible internships that I wouldn't have been able to get without Fordham. Right now, I'm working on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon—yeah, it's super cool. I also interned at Adweek: My interviewer and half the marketing team is from Fordham, and I worked closely with five or six Fordham alumni. There are definitely a lot of big Ram fans out there.Close quotation mark

Kiyana, FCRH '21
Film and Television and Communications and Culture double major

Your opportunities open up early.

We don’t think you should have to face cutthroat competition or wait until you're a junior to have great internships. FCRH students start having these experiences as early as their first year. And with Manhattan a quick ride by train or campus van, there are limitless opportunities to do well and do good—the Fordham name opens doors for you in every field and sector.

Open quotation markIn high school, I kept debating my plans. I loved working with animals. I loved politics. Would I have to choose one or the other? The beauty of Fordham College at Rose Hill is that it showed me how I could do both. You’re really not siloed. It expanded my sights and still got me where I wanted to go.Close quotation mark

John, '12 
Environmental Studies and Political Science double major
Wild Animal Keeper, New York Aquarium Volunteer Organizer for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Inspiration, clarity, direction.

One of the way students here find their path (or paths) is through our Core. It's not your typical set of requirements: The Core is a cohesive, four-year journey with your classmates and professors through big, complex ideas and it's also an opportunity to explore with focus and structure--a valuable experience whether you're certain of your major (or majors) or are still exploring.


Open quotation markIn my sophomore year Core philosophy course, we had to argue a position we completely objected to. It was the most worthwhile thing I've ever done, because at the end I had a better appreciation for how important it is to understand both sides-- not just look for things that support your position. It’s about knowing as much as you can. Close quotation mark

Ben, FCRH '22

Never underestimate the power of eloquence.

Our emphasis on well-formed habits of noticing, synthesizing, knowing, and expressing will take you far.  We want you to have a seat at the table—to be a powerful advocate for yourself and an ally for others.