Real Estate Institute Summer High School Program

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Enhance your college portfolio and learn how real estate really works at Fordham's Real Estate Institute at Lincoln Center NYC.

Choose one, or all three courses this summer!


Certificate in Real Estate Development in NYC

Through a mix of live lectures, hands-on exercises, and examinations of prominent New York City properties, students gain a unique perspective into the numerous college study and career options that the field of real estate offers. All courses are taught by experienced industry professionals from Fordham's Real Estate Institute.

This certificate is awarded to students who complete a minimum of two summer courses. 

Summer 2023 Courses

Real Estate Development in NYC: Principles and Process | REHS-0200 / $995
Mon.-Thu. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., July 10-13, 2023 (Live online via Zoom)
Gain an understanding of the phases, procedures, and complexities of developing and redeveloping various property types including multifamily, office, and mixed-use real estate. Topics covered include an overview of the real estate development process; assembling the team; project stakeholders; market analysis and site selection; environmental review; marketability and design considerations; and more. Students will receive a certificate of attendance.


Real Estate Development in NYC: Entrepreneurship and Innovation REHS-0204 / $995
Mon.-Thu. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., July 17-20, 2023 (Live online via Zoom)  
Explore the personal skills, organizational challenges, and market factors that influence the success of an entrepreneurial business and learn to solve problems that matter for entrepreneurial ventures focused on the business of real estate. Discuss and analyze issues that real estate startups face and work towards delivering workable solutions. Coursework will entail working in teams to devise a business idea or cutting-edge real estate business opportunity and develop a business model with the goal of attracting angel investors. At the conclusion of the course, students will have enhanced insight and skills to undertake an entrepreneurial real estate business either now or at some future point in their careers. Students will receive a certificate of attendance.


Real Estate Development in NYC: A Real-World Challenge REHS-0202 / $995
Mon.-Thu. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., July 24-27, 2023 (Live online via Zoom)
Students in this interactive, hands-on course gain invaluable practical insight into the fundamental forces that influence the decision-making process for a proposed real estate development project. This course presents a real-world scenario where students working in teams analyze an actual real estate project and render a recommendation. Students learn how supply and demand, the availability of funding, regulatory matters, building codes, zoning, politics, and community needs impact the final decision to develop a particular property type. Students will receive a certificate of attendance.


Registration: Students are encouraged to register at least one week prior to the course start date. Enrollment deadline is three business days prior to the course start date.

Refund Policy: Students are eligible for a 100% tuition refund if they withdraw from the course before the official start date. If the intensive has already started, the refund schedule is as follows: 50% refund if the student withdraws before the third scheduled session. No refund thereafter.