Give Today to Develop the Leaders and Workforce of Tomorrow

Every gift to the Fordham Real Estate Institute allows us to make a profound contribution to workforce development by offering financially challenged students access to professional development programs and meaningful careers in the real estate and construction industry.  
Keeping Fordham REI at the forefront of real estate and construction education would not be possible without the tremendous support of our executive advisory council, alumni and friends. We thank you for all your support.

Thank you, Fordham REI, for helping me restart my career and realize my dream of living and working in NYC! After a dreadful near-death experience with COVID I was blessed with a second chance in life, so I decided to go for it and invest all my savings into furthering my career. I chose the Construction Management program at Fordham REI which awarded me a scholarship and helped me obtain an internship at a major NYC capital projects organization. Fordham’s talented faculty, modern campus, significant networking events, and graduate student organization has made my time here better than imagined. I am very grateful for having chosen Fordham, as it was the best option to restart this new chapter of my life.

- Michelle Grein, Master of Science in Construction Management

Building Futures Scholarship Program

The Fordham REI Executive Advisory Council has created a Building Futures Scholarship drive with a goal of placing 100 low-income New Yorkers on the trajectory to careers in the real estate industry.  Scholarship funds will be awarded by the EAC to students in the five boroughs and surrounding counties, providing scholarships for Fordham REI programs from high school level through master’s degree programs.  


  • $500,000 in scholarships
  • Launch 100 careers in real estate and construction
  • Provide access to REI undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Provide opportunities through professional development programs 

Needs-based Scholarship Awards for Fordham REI Students:

  • Up to $25,000 for Graduate and Undergraduate degrees
  • Up to $3,000 for noncredit Professional Certificates
  • Up to $3,000 for Summer High School Programs
    • Online with a credit card
    • Mail a check, please call 212-636-7626
    • Phone with a credit card, please call 212-636-7626
    • Wire or ACH transfer, please call 212-636-7626