Real Estate Institute Testimonials

Jasmine Gurreri
Master of Science in Real Estate, 2021
The Fordham MSRE deepened my understanding of real estate finance and development and helped me with my job at Pillsbury Shaw Pittman, LLP, an international full-service law firm with a dedicated focus on real estate and construction. The graduate program exposed me to many new things including the ethical dimensions of the industry, such as eco-friendly development. If you build, you want to make sure that you're building something that has a good impact, not only on where it's situated in the neighborhood, but in the natural envrionment. Because of my master's I am now being pulled onto a number of new projects at work. The material is familiar now due to the MSRE, but it wasn't always.

Joseph Ramos
Master of Science in Real Estate, 2020
The Fordham MSRE set me up perfectly for a successful career pivot. After graduating, I interviewed for a small NYC real estate development firm that specializes in multifamily and affordable housing. At the interview I showed the firm my real estate development feasibility project from my graduate studies and was immediately offered an internship. Within a short time, I was offered a full-time position as an Assistant Project Manager for the development team! Because of Fordham’s program, I was able to break into the industry directly from graduate school. And I really must give Fordham a lot of credit for that. Since graduating, I have applied a lot of the things I learned in my classes to my job, from economics, accounting, and development principles to financial modeling. I fully believe that without the preparation that the Fordham program provided me, I would not have gotten the full-time offer nor maybe even the internship. And I learned of the internship through Fordham’s job postings. So, at the very least, I may not have even heard of my company without Fordham. Fordham has an excellent real estate program and I highly recommend it.

Vincent Menechino
Master of Science in Real Estate, 2020
I am thrilled to have been a part of the Fordham University Master of Science in Real Estate program. The professors were some of the most knowledgeable, experienced real estate professionals I have come across since entering the field. Further, it possesses some of the most ambitious students in the tri-state area. Special thank you to my family, colleagues, friends, alumni, faculty, administrators, and fellow students who helped support me through my time at Fordham! Proud to now be a Fordham University Alumnus!

Jill Weston
Master of Science in Real Estate, 2020
The graduate Global RE Investment course held at the London Centre campus was spectacular. Fordham REI provided an opportunity to build lifelong bonds and professional lessons, not just academic experiences. The MSRE students who were able to attend this summer study abroad look at this program with deeper connections and pride.

Eric Falvo
Master of Science in Real Estate, 2019
I truly enjoyed my time at Fordham REI. The MSRE program was incredibly helpful in not only greatly improving my understanding of the real estate industry, but also in accelerating my career. I ended up getting two jobs through Fordham. The Fordham faculty and staff were very accommodating and I thought it was extremely valuable to have such easy access to the head of the MSRE program. I very much look forward to being involved with the REI alumni association.

Lance Chebin
Certificate in Real Estate Finance and Investment, Spring 2018
Overall, the program was great. The instructors are knowledgeable and they teach from a real-world perspective. 

Kevin Interlicchio
Certificate in Real Estate Finance and Investment, Spring 2017
I have been working in the commercial real estate world for three years now and I decided that I wanted to get some formal education to go along with my on-the-job training. Fordham’s real estate certificate program was exactly what I was looking for. The professors were extremely knowledgeable and they all had great firsthand experience that allowed them to provide real-world examples in all subject matters. Balancing work and the certificate program was not a problem as the online courses allowed me to go at my own pace and even look back on lessons for key items that I may have forgotten. Overall, I had a great experience with Fordham’s Real Estate Institute and would recommend this to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of commercial real estate.

Efrat Sharon
Instructor, Real Estate Finance: Mortgage Debt REFI-0030
I have been very impressed with the caliber of the students that have attended my real estate finance classes at the Fordham Real Estate Institute. The students seem to be serious about learning and their industry. They bring an abundance of curiosity, intelligent questions and real-world experience that creates good discussion and a wonderful learning environment. Teaching at Fordham REI has been a rewarding experience.

Desimond McGowan
Instructor, Real Estate Investment Decision Analysis REFI-0050
The Fordham Real Estate Institute students were some of the best I have encountered in over thirty years of teaching finance. They were very well prepared for advanced course work and meticulous in their attention to the material. They were fully engaged and asked pointed questions throughout the semester.  I look forward to following their careers and teaching more of their colleagues.”